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Lago Double Barrel Snowboard Review 2017

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Riding Style All Mountain Freestyle
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in
Shape Asymmetrical Twin
Camber Profile Mostly Camber
Stance Centered
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Poor
Base Glide
Carving Great
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Excellent
Jumps Great
Jibbing Good
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel

Locked In

Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns




Edge Hold

Hard Snow

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Lago Double Barrel 2017 Review by The Good Ride

The Lago Double Barrel gives an old school camber ride a modern asymmetrical sidecut and camber take.  It’s not for everyone but could make the Aggressive Mountain Freestyler pretty happy. It pairs up well with the Open Road as a good 2 board quiver.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 155
Days:  2
Conditions:  Pretty much good snow every day.  Fucking great year.
Riders: James, Matt, 
Boots: Burton Almighty, Adidas Tactical ADVBurton Rover
Bindings: Union Atlas, Burton Genesis X,
Set Up:  Centered, about 22.75″ / 58cm 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Felt normal.

Flex:  Medium in the shop but on snow it feels stiffer when buttering and playing around.

On Snow Feel: Felt like a camber board and it’s got a pretty locked in feel.  It’s modern old school if that makes any sense.  What I mean is its camber in the way it feels but has the asymmetrical side cut to make it a board perfect going either way and a hybrid bend in the camber profile that makes for a lot of pop for the strong rider that knows how to use it.  It’s not going to be a board that likes to forgive and it will bitch slap your body into the snow if you get off your game.

Edge Hold: We didn’t have much or any hard snow during the demo so can’t say with 100% certainty but it seems like it’s on the border of good snow to hard snow when it comes to edge hold. I’d love to see a little more grip but it’s good enough for a daily driver.

Turn Initiation: The Lago Double Barrel likes to lock in and go.  It didn’t feel like it wanted to make lot’s of quick turns and it had a bit of a delay from edge to edge. I thought it would turn faster based on the specs and it’s not super slow but it feels like it wants to go straight more than turn.

Skidded Turns:  Not a board for skidded turns unless you really know what you are doing.  It’s not like the forgiving hybrid rocker or hybrid camber shapes out there.

Carving:  I had as much fun on the Lago Double Barrel as I did with the Open Road.  There is more pop and drive out of the turn and I felt really good working on carving fakie.  It took some work to lay it over but when you did there was really good spring out of the turn.

Speed: Way faster than its flex would

Uneven Terrain: It’s good at powering through bumpy messy snow because it has such a damp feel for its flex but it’s also not a board I would choose for weaving in and out of bumps.  Maybe the 152 would be better than our 155 but still, it would not be the first choice.

Powder: No thanks.  Would much rather be on the Open Road.  The Double Barrel is a double flip over the handlebars kind of board when it comes to powder and if you do it make sure your back leg is massively strong.

Switch: Perfect either way and it’s a great board for those that like to ride switch.

Jibbing: It’s much more of a jump/pipe ride but Matt felt ok on some mellow jibs.

Pipe: We had no pipe but you could see that this is a great board for those that like to get way out past the coping. It’s for pointing it from one wall to another and launching. It’s not a mellow pipe ride and really responds to an expert rider there.

Jumps: If you have the leg strength the Lago Double Barrel will pop very well.  It feels like it’s very damp and won’t but it does.  It sets a great line into the kicker and it felt like it was calling us a pussy when hitting the small jumps that are up early season.

The Double Barrel wanted more out of the love I could give it and it needed bigger. It wanted big air and high speeds regular or switch so if you are that kind of rider then this could be a great board for everything except powder.

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