The Gnu Eco Genetics changed things up a bit in 2014 from the 2013 Eco Genetics. Centering the stance seems like a little thing but it changes up the appeal from all mountain to all mountain freestyle. It seems pretty close but there are some differences that might make you like the board more or like it less depending on how you ride.

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Riding Style All Mountain Freestyle
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in USA by Mervin
Shape True Twin
Camber Profile Hybrid Rocker
Stance Centered
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Average
Base Glide
Carving Good
Speed Poor
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Great
Jumps Great
Jibbing Good
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Icy Snow

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Gnu Eco Genetics 2014 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 159

Days:  1
Conditions: Good snow in some places and harder snow in others with some tracked up groomers
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Imperial
Bindings: Burton Genesis
Set Up: Centered

For the 2014 Gnu Eco Genetics there is the same general feel and ride but there is one change.  There is no set back anymore and the stance is centered or at least that is what is said in the Specs.  If this is the case it won’t have that directional float that it use to and won’t be as much as a good choice for all mountain riders but more of an all mountain freestyle rider instead.

All of Gnu’s boards are Eco so this isn’t really that special in the line. Despite what you think there isn’t another company out there that comes close to their environmentally friendly policy with construction. Mervin (Gnu and Lib-Tech) was doing the environmental thing before it was cool and all the other companies started greenwashing.  Nothing is still 100% environmentally friendly but Mervin is much much closer than anyone.

On Snow Feel: Same semi-stable feel that the older Eco Genetics has. The C2 BTX or Contour C2 BTX as they call it feels a little bit less stable than the C2 Power BTX models and the Gnu EC2 BTX models. The Lib Tech Attack Banana is looser and so are the BTX Models. So it’s pretty close to the Power BTX and it offers a good stable ride in soft to medium snow but Harder to Icy snow it begins to feel loose and a little wobbly between the feet like a skateboard with loose trucks if you try to flat base it.  It likes to be more on edge.

Powder: The 2014 Gnu Eco Genetics doesn’t have a set back stance any more and that is a huge issue for those that like directional powder riding. If you are one of those riders you might have to look elsewhere.  If you like to ride switch a lot in powder there is no difference. It changes the board from a good all mountain directional twin to another all mountain freestyle ride by Mervin. What we really liked about this board was the ability to ride set back in powder.

Speed: This is a pretty middle ground board for speed.  It’s got a great base and a pretty damp flex but the hybrid rocker profile isn’t the best for bombing unless the snow is softer.

Uneven Terrain: All years handle uneven terrain very well. You can negotiate large bumps or shitty end of the day groomers very well.

Approximate Weight:  Feels middle ground.  Noting heavy or nothing super light.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Such an easy quick turning board that people who skid their turns or good riders will like. Carving isn’t very washy but it doesn’t have that rewarding feeling when you lay into a hard carve like more camber dominant boards do.

Edge Hold: Same really grippy excellent edge hold. If you see a lot of ice this is a good board for that.  If you mainly see soft snow then you might find it grabs a bit if the snow is soft and thick. That’s what I found when getting in the thick near the coast kind of snow in the Sierras.

Flex: This use to be pretty soft and noodley back in the day but nowadays the flex rating from Gnu is more appropriate. It’s Medium to maybe even medium soft after it’s broken in.

Switch: The Gnu Eco Genetics 2014 is still a directional twin but with the centered stance it’s going to be a little bit easier to ride switch so you loose float in powder for better switch riding.

Pipe: It’s super easy to ride the pipe with and it drives from wall to wall well.

Jibbing: Pretty good jib board but it’s more at home riding other places in the park and mountain.  Also, it’s a pretty pricey board to destroy on rails and other jibs. 

Jumps: There is some good spring here and it’s pretty easy to ollie and it has a nice easy spring to it.  You don’t have to work for an ollie. Also if you are a little on edge approaching the kickers in the park the Eco-Genetics is a pleasure.  It’s also very forgiving for a board

Gnu Eco Genetics Past Reviews

The Gnu Eco-Genetics 2013-2010, formerly known as the Gnu Altered Genetics, is a pretty fun forgiving all mountain ride.  It’s easy to turn and rides smaller than it’s size. The Gnu Eco Genetics and Altered Genetics are pretty much the same ride so this review includes both.

Size: 159 & 162

Days:  20+
Conditions: Everything from a few feet of powder to hard ice
Riders: James Mary, Kyle and a few others not on the site
Boots: Burton IonDC JudgeSalomon Synapse
Bindings:  Burton Cartel from many years, Burton Co2?s, Union Force, Flux TT30, Union Atlas
Set Up:  23″ wide, 15 front -15 back centered and set back a few times too for James and Kyle.  Mary had some fucked up carver stance, had it set back and was about 21″ wide.

We have riddein the Eco Genetics (formerly Altered Genetics) for many years now (since 2007) and up till 2011 the board was more soft when it came to flex. After 2011 it stiffened up.  It’s not viagra or 18 year old stiff but it’s got more of a balanced mountain performance kind of flex.

In 2013 Gnu changed it’s name to the Gnu Eco Genetics but kept pretty much the same ride as the 2012 so this is a great choice as well.  It rides very much like the 2012 model and we like both.  We like the improvement that the 2012 Altered Genetics and 2013 Gnu Eco Genetics has made.

On Snow Feel: This C2 BTX ride is loose in harder conditions and mostly stable in softer conditions.  It’s not bad for one footing and flat basing. The Altered Genetics is great for making nice cruising turns regular or switch on any morning corduroy.  It’s fun for an all mountain freestyle approach to the mountain and a playful go anywhere park board.  It has a very diverse do anything kind of ride.

Powder:  The BTX from 2010 and C2 BTX from 2011-2013 will offer a lot of float in powder and give you a nice freestyle approach to powder riding.  There is a 12.5mm or .5″ set back which does a pretty good job for directional powder riding.  It’s not as good as the Billy Goat but it’s better than the other Twin’s with a centered stance in Gnu’s line for directional riding for sure. It’s really nice to set the stance back for more surfy powder riding and easier float. 

Speed: The Gnu Eco Genetics has a fast base and a decent medium to high speed performance.  It use to really be noodley but now it’s not bad.  For the 2011-2014 models we were pretty happy with the stiffness added to the boards flex. Before 2011 we would of called this Average but now its pretty good and the Gnu Eco Genetics can take you anywhere you want to go as long as you don’t want to bomb every run you are on.

Uneven Terrain: All years handle uneven terrain very well. You can negotiate large bumps or shitty end of the day groomers very well.

Approximate Weight- Feels like one of the lighter boards in Mervins line but it’s still pretty normalish.

Turn Initiation- The Gnu Eco Genetics almost turns when you think about turning! This board is made to turn on a dime and has great edge to edge transitioning. Magnetraction and the C2 BTX cut really changes the way you turn. You don’t have to worry about getting pressure to the nose and tail. All you need is a little pressure from your toes and heel and your there.  This is great for some but others really don’t like this feel and prefer a cambered board.  This is one of those high end boards that turns soo easy it could be used for beginners.

Edge Hold: Hey if its really icy magnetraction is going to make it allot better but its still going to suck. You thank Mervin for those wavy lines in your board when you get off the chair, hit an unexpected icy patch at the top where the wind was blowing, and when you don’t catch an edge screwing around.  Even with the introduction of BTX  and C2 BTX this still has incredible edge hold.  Our only complaint is that it’s too grippy and changes the ride but most of us get use to and enjoy this feel.  It sure makes hard pack to icy conditions a lot more fun to ride in.

Flex: The 2010 and below boards were almost on the noodle to soft side of things. We felt that if we were strong enough we could almost get the board to bend in half and it would snap right back. The 2011-2013 is a bit more stiff.  We like the change in flex (maybe a little less bamboo) that makes this a more all mountain freestyle board. All shapes are very easy to butter and press.

Switch: Even though the tip of the nose is higher than the tip of the tail it is still a twin so it rides switch just like it rides regular. If you center this board out it will ride pretty well switch.  The BTX and C2 BTX for 2011-2013 models make it easier to ride swtich than before because the edges are less catch free.

Pipe: The Eco Genetics performs really well for a softer board. The wall to wall drive isn’t the best but it climbs icy pipe walls very well and is forgiving with an imperfect landing.  The 2011-2013 models are a little better in the pipe because it’s a bit more stiff.  The edge hold really does it here too.

Jibbing– This is a good jib board.  It’s hard to take a $600 over hits that will eventually destroy the board.  That is more our hang up but it is a pretty decent board for hitting bonks, boxes and some rails.  There are better boards in Mervin’s line but its still pretty good for being such a diverse board.

Jumps: Very forgiving and fun. We didn’t push it that hard but we wonder if it has enough strength/stiffness to handle a massive kicker.  Something you want to consider if you like to go big.  If you are like most riders who go small to medium you will be fine.  We like C2 BTX because there is a tail/nose pressing back into the snow if you are off when you land a bit off. It’s pretty poppy and easy to generate your own air on an ollie.

All in all we are very impressed with the addition of C2 BTX and like it better than the old BTX model.

It seems that Gnu continued to follow this theme and it looks like the 2012 Altered Genetics took a little more Viagra which stiffened up the flex. It makes the 2012 the call over the past models.  Its a much more balanced all mountain freestyle ride

We are excited to see that the 2011 Altered Genetics added C2 BTX wich will change the dynamics of the board and make it more fun to carve. This is a very high end board that will perform well just about anywhere in the park and is pretty good on the mountain. The last few years the Altered Genetics were pretty soft for an all mountain board. For 2011 it seemed to stiffen up a bit but it’s still seems a bit softer than advertised.

2010 Gnu Altered Genetics

How It Rides
Groomers Average Speed Good Flex Soft Rails/
Powder Good Weight Medium Carving
Average Pipe Good
Turn Initiation Excellent Edge Hold Excellent Switch Excellent Jumps Good

Gnu Eco Genetics Specs

Gnu Eco Genetics Images

We try to get as many images of the Gnu Eco Genetics, but forgive us if they're not all there.






Gnu Eco Genetics User Reviews

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