The 2017-2018 Burton Trick Pony had some major upgrades but the biggest is its now Mostly Camber ride. It acts much more like the board it's described to be and although we would like to see a little more rocker or a little more nose to help in powder it's a nice improvement over the flat to rocker profile it had before.

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Riding Style All Mountain
Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 10-12, > 12
Manufactured in Austria
Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber
Stance Setback -12.5mm
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Split No
Powder Average
Base Glide Good
Carving Great
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Great
Jumps Great
Jibbing Average
Pipe Good
On Snow Feel

Semi-Locked In

Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Medium Snow

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Burton Trick Pony 2018 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

2017 to 2018 Burton Trick Pony Review

This is the review of the 2017 Burton Trick Pony but it didn’t change from 2017 to 2018 so the old review still stands.  The only thing is that Burton gave a little more relaxed weight rating on the upper end.  They are now using a different epoxy that is more environmentally friendly.

Size: 154 for James and 162w for Tim
Days:  1
Conditions:  Pretty good snow in some places with harder snow in others.
Riders: James, Tim
Boots: Burton SLX, Burton Imperial,
Bindings: Burton Cartel
Set Up:  Centered 15 front -15 back 23″ wide.

Our Recommended Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, Burton Imperial, Burton Ion
Our Recommended Bindings: Union Atlas, Union ForceUnion T.Rice, Burton Genesis X, Burton Cartel, Salomon Quantum,  Salomon HologramArbor Cypress

Approximate Weight: Felt normal.

Flex: Even though it had a medium flex in hand it felt pretty stiff on snow and didn’t butter to easy in the tip/tail for both of us.

Sizing: The 154 felt better than it should for my specs so it made me wonder if the 158 would be too much board.  It seems like it would prefer a size 10 better than my size 9 but overall I would have gone with a 158.  Wish they had a 156.  That would probably be just right for an all mountain board like this.

On Snow Feel: Really good feel underfoot and the mostly camber ride doesn’t feel super catchy but still a lot like camber. Has an aggressive feel to it and it’s nothing like the old Flat to Rocker Trick Pony. More pop more spring out of the turn and an overall better aggressive mountain ride.



Edge Hold: Pretty middle ground and although it would have been better to be on the 158 the edges still let go a little bit in the harder snow.  Much better though than the old flat to rocker model.

Turn Initiation: Responsive and snappy but not super quick.  The camber is such a good improvement over its older flat to rocker model and turning is so much more fun.  As you can see that is the theme with this new 2017 Burton Trick Pony.

Turning Experience: The Burton Trick Pony is not a super special turner like the Custom X and Custom Camber models but it’s pretty fun to spend your day turning around a mountain. That flat in the camber profile does fight the radius the camber and sidecut want to make but it’s not bad in a carve.

Skidded Turns: Not ideal to skid turns but it didn’t feel terrible like old camber boards did.  Still not for the beginner/intermediate who skids their turns a ton.

Carving: The 154 was a little small but it still railed a turn for me and the 162w was a lot of fun for Tim and he had the right size for his specs.

Speed: Very comfortable at speed and it’s pretty fast. Feels faster and stiffer than the old Trick Pony too and that might not be the camber but then again it could be.

Uneven Terrain: Not bad in messy snow but neither of us really got to test it in really messy Saturday afternoon style snow.

Powder: No powder here but it seems like even though there is a pretty mellow flat to rocker rise after the camber between the feet it should do good but not great in powder. We love that the set back helps you get more directional float out of what is a Twin otherwise.  With a 22″ stance width you can set all the way back to about 4″ back on the board. With almost a 23″ stance width about 3″ so that with a little bit of rocker in the tip makes this a good board. If there was more rocker after the bindings or a longer tip/tail the Burton Trick Pony would be a really great powder board.

Switch: When centered it’s a twin so it’s almost perfect either way which is great for a board you can set back.

Jibbing: Didn’t even bother.  Felt a little too much for anything more than a mellow box.

Pipe:  Didn’t ride pipe but felt like it would be soo much better than the old flat to rocker Burton Trick Pony.

Jumps: Great pop and it sprung off the little natural features I hit.  Also, it Ollies really well.

The Burton Trick Pony’s upgrade to Mostly Camber from Flat to Rocker was a great idea and it really upped its overall ability.  Tim and I would both like to see a little more rocker after the camber instead of flat to rocker after the camber but it’s a good step in the right direction and it does provide pop.

Burton Trick Pony Past Reviews

The Burton Trick Pony is a flat to rocker twin freestyle board with a set back stance so It’s a pretty powder friendly all mountain freestyle to all mountain ride.

2014-2016 Burton Trick Pony Snowboard Review

Size: 158, 154 and 158w
Days:  3
Conditions:  Day 1 Nice soft fun groomed sierra snow. Not much going on off piste to test it’s powder skills. Day 2 pretty light left over CO powder. Day three good groomers with the occasional patch of hard snow.
Riders: James, Stephen and Peter
Boots: Burton Imperial (Stephen and I) and I forget what Peter was riding
Bindings: Burton Malavita EST, Burton Genesis and Burton Stay Calm
Set Up:  Centered, about 23″ wide 15 front -15 back. Set back a little bit 23″ 15 front -9 back

On Snow Feel:  The Burton Trick Pony’s flat to rocker profile is definitely more stable between the feet than V-Rocker and Flying V camber profiles. It’s very playful, buttery and forgiving, not very catchy but still has a good stable feel when you pick up a little speed. This is marketed as a set back powder twin type of board but to us it’s got a lot of all mountain personality. It’s got some versatility.  You can center this up and take a freestyle approach to the mountain and then set it back a little and ride powder in a more surfy directional fashion or keep it centered and ride powder that way.  It’s definitely at home in the mountain as well as the park.  It reminded me of a Burton version of many flat to rocker all mountain boards we tried from other companies over the years.  So all in all very easy to one foot, flat base and pretty catch free but still stable between the feet. Even though this comes in mid/wide to wide sizing none of us smaller footed riders had any real issues turning or throwing around the board. Very easy ride that would be ok

Powder: Day one was no powder to speak of and it wasn’t fun off piste trying to find some softer snow patches so I gave up and stayed on the groomers. The second time we rode this we had some semi-light CO powder in the trees. This can ride centered very well and it’s not bad for more surfy set back riding due to the 1/2″/12.5 mm set back. It’s hard to submerge the nose . For most of us here we are more into the concept of S-Rocker due to the extra pop off the tail but that is a different kind of ride that favors the more set back directional rider. If you like to ride switch in powder a lot and sometimes set it back this is a better/more versatile board but if you are into directional set back surfy riding you will be happier with the Fish, Flight Attendant or Barracuda. Also if you plan to ride one board in a more freestyle fashion but live for powder this could be a better choice.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  The Burton Trick Pony has a lot of trappings that many flat to rocker boards have.  On the positive it’s quick and easy edge to edge  for short to medium radius turns but then there isn’t really that fun dynamic feel that boards with camber somewhere in the profile provide.  It just doesn’t excite if you really like making hard surfy carving turns. It’s more of a freestyle kind ride around the mountain. That being said it can handle mellow carving turns without being too washy as long as the snow is soft.

Speed:  It’s got good stability at speed and felt pretty stable on a straight line.  It’s no bomber board but it’s fine for a long steep run with some soft powder on it for sure.

Uneven Terrain:  All Burton boards do a very good job when it comes to shock absorption in bumpy snow and with this kind of ride you could even start to take a creative freestyle approach to it. Perfect for someone that rides on crowded weekends.

Edge Hold: The Burton Trick Pony held fine in the good conditions I rode in but it can get a little sketchy in harder snow. In good conditions it feels like there is a lot more edge hold and I never had an issue but then you hit some harder snow and it feels like it’s edge magically changed on you. It just doesn’t have that much bite in harder snow and it can catch you off guard if you suddenly hit a patch with the edges engaged on a turn. It felt better than a lot of Flat Top boards I rode but I’d really like to see Burton do more with the whole Frost Bite technology.  It really doesn’t seem to help much with hybrid profiles compared to many of their competitors edge hold technology. We aren’t saying we want Magnetraction on the board but just a little extra something to give it a little more hold between the feet.

Flex:  Very middle flexing but a little more playful than you would think for the flex thanks to the flat to rocker profile. The tip and tail allow you to butter and play around rather well. I’m a little heavier than the weight recommendations for almost any Burton board though (around 195lbs) so if you run on the lighter side then it might be a little more challenging.

Switch: Almost perfect if you center up your stance like I did. The only thing directional about this board is the set back. Also the Channel Tech allows you to center the stance perfectly. l’m not a fan of this proprietary tech but it sure does have an advantage here.

Jibbing:  Not really what it’s made for but I’m sure it’s ok if you want to stop in the park for some mellow stuff.

Pipe: Not an ideal pipe board but I bet it wouldn’t be terrible at all in a soft spring pipe.

Jumps:  There is decent ollie power with normal bindings like the ones I was on but better power if you pair this with a Burton “Hinge Tech” “EST” bindings. I liked the directional pop off the tail better with the S-Rocker boards better in the Family Tree line but this springs better if you want to Ollie regular and switch. It’s also the preferred board out of the family tree line for hitting a kicker or 2 in the park.

All in all this is a fun board and could make a lot of riders happy if this concept appeals to them. It’s a pretty fun powder/mountain freestyle/twin kind of ride.  I like the true twin like feel as well as the ability to set it back on a powder day for better directional float. The only real draw backs are edge hold and less than dynamic turning. If you want a pretty versatile freestyle/freeride/powder board the Burton Trick Pony isn’t a bad choice.

Burton Trick Pony Specs

Burton Trick Pony Images

We try to get as many images of the Burton Trick Pony, but forgive us if they're not all there.






Burton Trick Pony User Reviews

Burton Trick Pony 2014-2018 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model

Great all mountain, better powder

Feb 07, 2016 by Nick
Ability Level: Advanced All Mountain, Intermediate Park • 
Riding Style: Everything • 
Days You Ride A Year: 30+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'11", 150-155, 11 

I first tested this board as a 162 in the alps in March 2014 and fell in love. I bought one as soon as I returned to New England later that spring. It is soft enough to butter around where you want it but it is by no means a jib specific board. Great mid flex and surprisingly poppy. I often found myself launching it off jumps and staying away from rails in the east coast conditions that I ride. Winter 2014-2015 was glorious for us rider on the Ice Coast and I really got to test this board in the tight New Hampshire trees with snow from 6"-2'. In the 2' days the board turned and planed incredibly well.
I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good board for pow and soft groomers. Can be your quiver killer if you are a strong rider.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I first tested this board as a 162 in the alps in March 2014 and fell in love. I bought one as soon as I returned to New England later that spring. It is soft enough to butter ar Burton Trick Pony 2014-2018 Snowboard Review

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