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Burton CK Nug 2017 Snowboard Review

Burton CK Nug 2017 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton CK Nug is new this year, the last of the Nug’s in Burton’s line and a really fun quiver board.

So the Nug series was definitely a quiver series but still a fun series.  We at the Good Ride all really enjoyed the Burton Nug in all it’s forms and it’s sad to see it go. Especially the Twin.  It would of been really good to see the Nug Twin in Pure Pop/Hybrid camber still in the line but it’s nice that one nuggish board still remains in mini Kelly form. Burton calls this camber but it seems to have a bit of early rise going on. After I rode this 16/17 model I took a look at the 15/16 CK Nug in a shop, laid it down on a table and it seemed like the tip/tail was lifted up after the bindings like the pure pop camber boards we tried.  It could be that it’s just slightly lifted on the sides to make it catch free or it could be that it’s something in between traditional camber and hybrid camber.  Maybe it’s just the tip/tail are really large.

Size: 150
Days:  1
Conditions:   Some hard snow, medium snow and patches of softer snow.
Riders: James
Boots: Burton AMB
Bindings:  Burton Malavita Re:Flex
Set Up:  Set back a little but not all the way, 23″ wide 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Feels light because it’s a 150 but it’s still normal for it’s size.

Flex:  Feels medium between the feet but a little more mellow in the tip/tail so it makes it playful and easy to butter.

On Snow Feel: So here is the interesting thing.  With most Nugs I usually ride them at a 146 but this one best fits me at 150 and that’s a good thing.  It’s small underfoot but it has a bigger personality than you would think for a 150.  Some small boards like this can be twitchy but it’s not. It’s stable and lively under foot making it easy to one foot or flat base and it’s kind of fun to have a mini all mountain board.  It didn’t feel catchy or camber like which was good.  Instead it had a similar feel to many hybrid camber boards I tried and had a forgiving feel to it.

Edge Hold: Pretty good edge hold but it’s hard to trust Burton in anything but Medium snow and softer.  Burton’s edges often just let go in hard snow but with the Nug CK it actually held more than many Burton boards we tried.  It’s probably the post factory tune but it’s hard to re-sharpen edges correctly enough to improve the hold.  You really need to know what you are doing or go to the right tuner.

Turn Initiation:  Super quick and snappy edge to edge and I’d have no problem getting where I need to be when I need to get there.

Skidded Turns:  It was pretty easy to skid turns with this and even though it’s camber or mostly camber it felt pretty forgiving if you get off your game.

Carving: It’s a little board and it makes little tight circle carves that were pretty fun.  It’s not a show stopper like the Custom X or Flight Attendant but sure is fun for it’s size.  Very surfy carve.

Speed: It could handle speed rather well but I didn’t really bomb.  The day I rode it was a bit busy on the hill and I don’t like to point it through crowds. In the short areas I could open it up it felt fine but not like there was much more left before getting a bit chattery if I could continue.

Uneven Terrain: Ok this is where this board could be really fun.  If you like to weave in and out of bumps the Burton CK Nug could own it. It’s not a hammer through chunder on a powder day kind of uneven terrain board but instead a weave in and out of bumps like a cheetah kind of board.  It’s a great first chair to last chair board.

Powder:  No powder to speak of but I’d love to give it a try.  There are many boards that are this size but have shit ton more surface area so it’s hard to tell. I personally think that with the long nose, -25mm set back and what seems like a little early rise it would do better than a lot of Mountain Freestyle Twins with a centered stance that are larger but might not compete with boards like the Landlord, Branch Manager and Flight Attendant.

Switch: Not quite perfect but very doable.  Especially when you get use to the ride.

Jibbing: I didn’t jib with this and it seems more like a mini mountain ride but I wouldn’t be scared if I had to hit a mellow box.

Pipe: There wasn’t a pipe up and working when I rode this but it seems like it would be really fun in there for mostly directional pipe riding.

Jumps: Nice snappy pop and great on an ollie.  It was also fun on the occasional small kicker I hit and although it doesn’t seem ideal for those that go big it’s doable lapping the park for the average rider.

So all in all it’s weird to see the only Nug left as a directional set back ride and we aren’t sure why the twin was completely canned but the Burton CK Nug is a fun ride for those that want a mini mountain board.

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