These are the Trillium Bibs from Trew. These bibs come with 20k waterproofing and 20k breathability. They have a relaxed fit, water-resistant zippers, and 60g of synthetic insulation.

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Type Insulated Pant
Gore-Tex No
Jacket to Pant Interface No
Vents 2 Open Inner


Waterproofing Great
Breathability Great
Layer Count 2 Layer
Company Waterproof Rating 20K
Company Breathability Rating 20K
Manufactured in Asia


Packability Normal
Construction Excellent

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Trew Trillium Bib Written Review Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average rider’s perspective.

Trew Trillium Bibs Riding

Size: Small
Steph’s Specs:
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 108 lbs
Waist: 27”
Hips: 35”
Inseam 29”
Upper Thigh 19” Circumference
Middle Thigh 18” Circumference
Calves 13”

Sizes Available: XS to XXL

I tested the Trillium Bib with the Trew Popover Jacket and the Trew Trillium Jacket

Room to move in the Trillium bibs.Trillium bib size smallWalking in the Trillium Bib

Fit & Sizing

The Trillium Bib has a relaxed fit that gives plenty of room for movement while riding, and also some extra room for layering if you need it. I feel very comfortable when riding in these bibs. I usually wear a size small in women’s snowboard pants. I feel like these are true to size and I am happy with my sizing choice.

Pockets with water resistant zippers


They come with some good functional pockets throughout. You get one chest pouch with a water resistant zipper. My iPhone 14 (with a bulky case) fits into it comfortably. They also have two hip pockets that are pretty standard size and have normal zippers (since the opening is protected with a flap of material), and one mid thigh pocket with a water resistant zipper that is fairly large. No back pockets.


There are two good size inner thigh vents that are open and have no inner mesh. Great for dropping some heat quickly if needed.

Trillium Bib Inner Liner


The Trillium Bib comes with 60g of high loft synthetic insulation that starts around the waist and goes to the knees. I really like that Trew is offering an insulated bib option that also has a good waterproof and breathability rating. That combo is kind of difficult to find, and there aren’t too many bibs out there that offer similar features. I wore the bibs in some semi-cold conditions that were wet, windy, and uncomfortable. And I was warm enough from 9am-4pm while only wearing a thin base layer underneath.

They also are lined inside so that helps add a bit of warmth and also adds to the comfort of the bibs overall.

Trillium Bib Overall Straps

Overall Straps

The straps are pretty wide, which is nice. And they have a silicone backing that helps keep them in place while riding. They are very simple to adjust, but because of the silicone, the adjustment buckles take a bit of extra effort to slide up and down. The overall straps don’t come off, so when putting the bibs on, you just stretch them over your head. The adjustment buckles are a little bit bulky. I don’t mind them because they sit in a good place on me. But if I was shorter, and had to cinch them all the way down, the buckles would probably higher up near my collar bone, they would probably be a bit bothersome. But overall I feel that the straps are quite comfortable and stay in place.

Side zip in the bibs

Side Zip

To get in and out of the bibs, you use the side zip that starts near the hips and goes all the way to my knee. It is pretty easy to get the bibs on and off, but because the overall straps don’t detach, you do have to stretch them over your head when putting the bibs on.

Using the side zip for the bathroom isn’t too bad, it is not as efficient as a drop seat. But it does work with minimal effort.

Bottom Hem and gaiterWear on the bottom hem

Bottom Hem

The bottom of the legs have a somewhat re-enforced hem that is supposed to be tougher than the normal bib material. However, I have been using these bibs for two weeks and am seeing wear on one of the cuffs. So it would be nice if these re-enforced hems were a bit more durable.

They also come with your standard gaiter (with no hooks).

Snowboarding in the rain with the Trillium bibRiding Conditions

20k Waterproofing

I got to test the Trillium bib out in some very wet weather up in Palisades Tahoe. The weather was freezing sleet at first and then it just turned into rain. I worked 6 hrs a day in the wet weather with a 45min lunch break in the middle of the day. These bibs did an amazing job at keeping me comfortable and dry the whole time. The waterproofing is a bit different, as the material absorbs the water first, and then evaporates the moisture. As opposed to just rolling off the material. So they looked very wet, but the moisture never passed through the first layer of the outer shell. The only down side to this in the wet weather, was the bibs  did get a bit heavy when they were fully saturated.

Evaporating moisture

However, they dried incredibly quick when I went inside for a lunch break. So fast, that as soon as I turned on my heater in my van, the moisture instantly started evaporating off of them. And they were basically dry by the time my lunch break was over. The cool part of the bib material, is that it has really good waterproofing without feeling like it is waterproof. They are quiet when you move around, and have more of a soft/flexible feel as well.

Plenty of room for movement while riding


The Trew Trillium Bibs are a nice choice if you run cold, or often ride in colder conditions. They work great in stormy weather, and are very comfortable and roomy without being overly baggy. And I love that they come in a wide variety of sizes too.

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Trew Trillium Bib Specs

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