• Exceptional Waterproofing
  • Exceptional Wind Proofing
  • Exceptional Construction
  • Great Feel
  • High Waist Keeps Snow Out
  • High Waist is Very Back Pack Compatible


  • Front Pockets are small/shallow


The Skyline Faze Pant complements the Fuse Jacket and has incredible waterproofing, on par with Gore-Tex Pro. It's got super burly fabric and a really good feel on your lower half that I haven't felt compared to most pants out there. The only issue with this for me is the front pockets are a little too small for my taste.

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Type Shell
Gore-Tex No
Jacket to Pant Interface Yes
Vents 2 Open Inner


Waterproofing Excellent
Breathability Great
Layer Count 3 Layer
Company Waterproof Rating Above 25k
Company Breathability Rating 20K
Manufactured in Okinawa


Packability Very Thin
Construction Excellent

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Skyline Faze Snowboard Pant Review Review by The Good Ride

A Breakdown of how the Skyline Fuze Snowboard Pant Fits And Who It Is For

Skyline Faze Pant Review - The Good Ride
Ultra Technical Outerwear For Snowboarders

How This Review Happened

It was sent for extended demo and being outerwear, they don’t need or want it back.

Ethics Statement

We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. 
How This Review Happened: 
A big thanks to Gravity Sports at Mt Bachelor for giving us access to this.  

James’ Pants Specs
Size: Medium
Height: 5’10”
Weight 185-195 lbs
Waist 32-33
Hips 40”
Inseam 30”
Upper Thigh 23.5”
Middle Thigh 21.5”
Calves 16.5”


Other than the Skyline Fuze being a little tight around the upper part of my thick thighs this is a loose fit for technical outerwear like this. I really like that it’s not ultra tight like a lot of high end ski wear.


Skyline Faze Pant Construction

The Skyline Fuze’s construction is almost flawless and really feels well built. Especially for their first year out. On top of that they are using 100 denier fabric which is super burly. Just to put this in perspective my Burton Gore-Tex Pro material is 50-70 denier fabric.


I was able to rain ride for almost 4 hours and nothing got through. The only reason I stopped riding was because the snow got too slow and sticky. So this Skyline Fuze is exceptional when it comes to waterproofing and wind proofing. It really allows the layers you choose to wear to do their job. Breathability feels ok but not like some ultra-thin jackets. They often don’t have the best waterproofing and especially so wind proofing.


4 Pockets. 2 in the front and 2 in the back. The pockets are a little shallow and thin. I can put a cell phone in there but it’s hard to bend down with it in there. This is the one place I’d like to see the pants improve.

The 2 in the back are fine, though.


There are pretty burly cuffs and I like that the gaiters don’t have hooks.


You have 2 inner vents with no mesh. I personally prefer no mesh.


I prefer old-school buttons, but these snap buttons hold well.

Waist Adjuster

No waist adjuster. You need to get a belt if it’s a little too loose.


Skyline Faze Pant Liner

It’s the same Tricot liner that you see with most 3-layer pants/jackets.

Pant-to-Jacket Interface

There are some nice snaps in the back, and it works well with these high-waist pants.


Other than the front pockets the Skyline Fuze is one hell of a pant. It has this feel that is unique to pants and jackets out there. It feels like it blends with your body better than other pants and it’s a really good feel. On a personal note its great to see another ultra-technical brand out there for snowboarders that matches brands like Burton AK and rivals more ski focused brands like Arcteryx. I hope to see this brand thrive in the coming years.

Skyline Faze Pant Specs

Skyline Faze Pant Images

We try to get as many images of the Skyline Faze Pant, but forgive us if they're not all there.

Skyline Faze Pant User Reviews

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