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Patagonia Snowshot 3 in 1 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The 2013 Patagonia Men’s 3-in-1 Snowshot Jacket is a solid choice for those that are in varying conditions.

Size Tried: Large
James’ Specs:
Height: 5’10”,
Weight: 195 lbs,
Upper Body-:44” Chest, Torso Length 23” (collar bone to pant button), Shoulder Width Approx 22”, Arm Length 19.5” (pit to wrist)
Lower Body: 33” Waist, 42” Hips, 30” Inseam,  24.5” Thigh
Turn On’s: Size L Jackets that fit well around my chest, size M pants that fit well around my thighs so I can get in and out of my pockets, open roads, Surfy Powder Turns, Riding with Friends, new gear and especially my super-hot super smart super funny wife.
Turn Off’s: Size L Jackets that don’t fit well around my chest, super tight Size M Pants that I can’t get up over my thighs, traffic and people who can’t park inside the lines.

Fit: The Shell felt a little on the baggy side when using it just as a shell but when it was all put together it felt normal to a bit baggy.  It felt somewhat normal around the shoulders but more baggy around the waist and it has that average american taper or well lack of taper in the middle. Even if I have a six pack I still look a little thick in the middle so this type of jacket doesn’t compliment my build that well.  Still its nothing bad and if you run thin around the waist then it will work better for you.  The puffy fits about the same but a little tighter and it makes for a nice stand alone mid layer/puffy.

Construction: Patagonia makes really good stuff and even though it isn’t their high end jacket it’s still going to last a long time.

Hood: Not a real big fan of articulating hoods because often they leave a small part of my cheek exposed.

Insulation/Warmth: The shell and zip in insulated layer work well and provide a bit more warmth than the Insulated Snowshot Jacket.

Waterproofing:  You have enough waterproofing for most situations you want to be out in but it’s not for those that see really wet situations often.  It’s no Gore-Tex Jacket but h2no is a pretty good treatment and it has a life time warranty.

Breathability:  Nothing special here but still nothing horrible either.

Overall: This is a great one jacket solution that caters more to snowboarders than many of their other jackets.  Patagonia isn’t a perfect fit for the snowboarders but they try and you can make a good argument for buying them because of their impressive environmental and ethical track record.

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Criticaly Taped

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2 Layer

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