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Homeschool Search And Destroy Puffy 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Homeschool Search and Destroy Puffy is the evolution of the Further Forward Puffy.  After 3 years of Homeschool Puffy’s it seems that the Search and Destroy Puffy has evolved in the right way. The 15 model and 16 model are exactly the same. Not much changed from 2015 to 2016.

2016 Homeschool Search and Destroy Puffy Review

Sorry called it by it’s old name but it’s still called the Search and Destroy.

Size Tried: Large
James’ Specs:
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 195 lbs
Chest: 44”
Neck: 16″
Torso Length (collar bone to pant line) 23”
Shoulder Width (widest point of shoulders) 22”
Arm Length (pit to wrist) 19.5”

Helmet: Smith Vantage

Goggles: Smith IO7

2015 Homeschool Search and Destroy Puffy

Size Tried: Large
James’ Specs:
Height: 5’10”,
Weight: 195 lbs,
Upper Body-:44” Chest, Torso Length 23” (collar bone to pant button), Shoulder Width Approx 22”, Arm Length 19.5” (pit to wrist)
Lower Body: 33” Waist, 42” Hips, 30” Inseam,  24.5” Thigh
Turn On’s: Size L Jackets that fit well around my chest, size M pants that fit well around my thighs so I can get in and out of my pockets, open roads, Surfy Powder Turns, Riding with Friends, new gear and especially my super-hot super smart super funny wife.
Turn Off’s: Size L Jackets that don’t fit well around my chest, super tight Size M Pants that I can’t get up over my thighs, traffic and people who can’t park inside the lines.

Fit: Very good conforming fit but it’s not too tight to keep you for layering up underneath it.

Comfort: Love the Lycra like feel inside the jacket that’s smooth and easy with first or thinner smaller mid layers.

Construction: Very well made and it feels like it will last for a long time.

Hood: No hood.

Insulation/Warmth: It’s not a super thick puffy but it’s also not one of those thin puffys either.  It’s a good dry weather outer jacket or an excellent layer under a shell. There is a good amount of warmth going on.

Waterproofing: Not much really. It can handle a little moisture but not much.

Breathability:  Really breathable jacket and that’s what makes this mid to kind of outer layer puffy so great.  It’s the kind of jacket that allows you to be warm in the colder mornings and then still breathe well enough for mid day warmth.  Even though there are no pit zips it’s still really really breathable.

Overall:  So this is a great mid layer that works really well with Homeschool outer layers but it’s also great with other outer layers as well.  Hard to go wrong with this and I’m glad I have this as my warmer puffy in my jacket quiver.

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Insulation Type


Insulation Fill


Liner Type

Solid Fabric

Taped Seams


Waterproof Zippers


Hood Type

No hood

Powder Skirt


Jacket to Pant Interface




Layer Count

2 Layer

Waterproof Rating

Below 5K

Breathability Rating

Below 5K

Manufactured in



Semi Tight