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Homeschool Mind Ride Mock 2017 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Homeschool Mind Ride Moc is a great under layer that’s a great balance between breathability and an extra layer of warmth.  It’s not really a Jacket but it’s a great layer to go with a shell or even an insulated jacket. I’ve owned a lot of mid layer mock’s like this and this has been my favorite.  Mainly so because of how well it breathes and regulates my heat.

Size Tried: XL  I normally wear Size Large but found the XL to be a better fit for me.
James’ Specs:
Height: 5’10”,
Weight: 195 lbs,
Upper Body-:44” Chest, Torso Length 23” (collar bone to pant button), Shoulder Width Approx 22”, Arm Length 19.5” (pit to wrist)
Lower Body: 33” Waist, 42” Hips, 30” Inseam,  24.5” Thigh
Turn On’s: Size L Jackets that fit well around my chest, size M pants that fit well around my thighs so I can get in and out of my pockets, open roads, Surfy Powder Turns, Riding with Friends, new gear and especially my super-hot super smart super funny wife.
Turn Off’s: Size L Jackets that don’t fit well around my chest, super tight Size M Pants that I can’t get up over my thighs, traffic and people who can’t park inside the lines.

Fit– Most Homeschool clothing runs normal to baggy but this is one item that fit’s more on the snug side. The size L fit me fine too but I wanted just a little more of a loose fit so I went XL. I felt both had a very flattering look on my rather thick frame.

Construction– Very well made. I’ve had Homeschool mid layers like this for almost 4 years now and the old ones are still holding up well.  Homeschool keeps changing the names but they are all very similar in fit and purpose to the Mind Ride Mock.

Waterproofing– None here it’s a layer.

Breathability– This is one of the few mid layers I’ve worn that can handle a temp change and not be unbearable.  If a cold morning warms up by mid day I’m not screaming to get out of it.  It really moves sweat out and regulates my heat. 37.5 really knows how to make clothing breathe.

Insulation/Warmth– It’s not super warm but it’s a great compliment to a shell to make it not cold. If you run warm like I do it’s my go to mid layer.  However if you run cold it’s just going to be another layer in the system or great for those moderate days when you don’t need to much warmth.

All in all the Homeschool Mind Ride Mock is a great mid layer to go with the whole Homeschool system and it works really well with my Homeschool Universe Jacket.

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Insulation Type


Insulation Fill


Liner Type


Taped Seams


Waterproof Zippers


Hood Type

No hood

Powder Skirt


Jacket to Pant Interface



2 Meshed Pit Zips

Layer Count

1 Layer

Waterproof Rating

Below 5K

Breathability Rating

Below 5K

Manufactured in



Semi Tight