This is a look at the Vans Luna Ventana Pro women's snowboard boot. This traditional lace boot has a medium flex, a lot of shock absorption and are very comfortable too. They have a skate style feel when riding, the upper boot is lacking when it comes to tightening it down snug. But they have great board feel and should be durable enough to last multiple seasons.

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Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Lacing Type Mixed Lacing
Manufactured in
Flex Retention Great
Shock Absorption Great
Traction Excellent
On & Off Ease Great
Warmth Great
Flex Medium/Stiff
Turn Initiation Medium/Fast
Sizing True To Size
Boot Width Medium
Comfort Great
Heel Hold Good
Adjustability Good
Reduced Footprint Good

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Vans Luna Written Review Review by The Good Ride

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How This Review Happened:  Steph owns these boots.

Vans Luna Ventana Pro Snowboard boot shot

Size: Women’s 7.5
: All Season
Conditions: Mostly mid winter conditions, some ice here and there, I didn’t test them in Spring snow yet. 
 Steph (5’3″, 108lbs, Women’s 7.5 boot)
Boards: Rossignol Diva, Rossignol After Hours, Never Summer Infinity, Yes Women’s Basic

Bindings: Union Legacy (M), Arbor Sequoia (M/L)Union Ultra (M)

Sizes Available: 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5

Vans Luna Boot and binding fit


These boots come with a 5/10 flex. They take about a week to break in and start feeling good. But the medium flex makes the Vans Luna boots good for playful all mountain riding as well as freestyle terrain.

Vans says these Luna boots come with removable tongue stiffeners. Which they might. I can definitely feel them inside the tongue, but I can’t figure out how to actually remove them. So I just left them in.

Vans Luna Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption

I found the Luna boots to be a very smooth ride. And love pairing them with extra smooth bindings too. The footbed and sole of the boot seem to offer a lot of shock absorption.

D Rings On LacesNo Upper Lacing Option

Lacing System

These come with mostly traditional lace and an outer ankle boa for added ankle lock. The laces work great for the most part. I love the metal D-Rings to help make tightening the boot smoother and add longevity for wear and tear over time. But I do wish the laces went all the way up the shell though. I feel the powder strap at the top just isn’t enough for me to tighten the boot as much as I want.

Inner Liner

The inner lacing system is similar. The cinch system over the inner liner is great with the ankle harness option. It has the generic cinch down system that does ok for the most part, but honestly it looses up throughout the day as well. And it only goes up 3/4 of the way so the upper part of the inner boot is also pretty loose. The only thing that holds the upper liner together are two velcro strips at the top of the liner. This keeps the tongue in place, but doesn’t offer any support.

Ankle BoaAnkle HarnessInner Liner Lacing


I love the amount of traction the Vans Luna boots offer. In fact I almost fell over the first time I used them because they stuck to my carpet. Great boots for icy conditions or one foot riding or maybe even some hiking from time to time. They have a full rubber sole that has some pretty aggressive traction on the bottom.

Vans Luna Side view


I’ve ridden Vans boots for quite a while now. And mostly I find them to be the coldest along the bottom of the foot. Adding in an after market insole sometimes helps with this. I did find the Luna boots to be more warm than the Vans Ferra Pro boots I used to ride. But they are still a bit chilly on the bottom. Everywhere else on my foot and lower leg stays warm though.


The Vans Luna Ventana Pro would make a great boot for that all-mountain freestyle rider. They are geared towards the advanced to expert snowboarder. And are very comfortable right out of the box. There are a few things lacking when it comes to ankle hold and boot top lacing. But in the realm of a women’s traditional lace boot, these are probably one of the top choices out there for more advanced riders. And they come at a reasonable price too.


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