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ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Snowboard Boot Review
Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Lacing Type Mixed Lacing
Manufactured in


Turn Initiation



True To Size

Boot Width


Comfort Great
Heel Hold Great
Adjustability Excellent
Reduced Footprint Average

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Flex Retention Great
Shock Absorption Great
Traction Great
On & Off Ease Average
Warmth Good

ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers 2022 Review by The Good Ride

Swipe Right: Excellent Adjustability, Great Shock Absorption, Medium-Stiff Response

Swipe Left: Slow on and off. Laces get tangled and caught in the power strap.


The ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers isn’t easy on and off but it provides a comfortable, responsive adjustable boot that keeps its flex for a long time.

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ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Snowboard Boot Review: How It Rides And Who It Is For

ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Review








How This Review Happened:  Precious Good Ride dollars were spent to buy this and review it.

Size: 8.5 (wish I got a 9)
: 1
Conditions: Hard to decent mid winter snow.
 James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-190lbs)
Insoles: Footprint Insole Technology Gamechangers
Bindings: Union Atlas
Boards: Gnu Banked Country
Jacket: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Tusk Jacket
Pant: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Hover Pant
Helmet: Smith Maze
Goggle: Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt

Similar (but not the same) Boots: Burton Kendo, Burton Ion, Burton SLX, DC Judge, Vans Implant, Vans Aura, , Ride Lasso Pro

James’ Foot Specs
Foot Size:
9 US
Foot Width:
Arch Length:
Right 9.5 and Left 9
Calf Circumference:
Top of boot 17” & Bottom of boot 12”


I got an 8.5 ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers and regrated it after my first run. The 9’s fit pretty well for my true size 9 boots but felt like they might pack out a bit too much. So I went 8.5 and it was too short and a little too tight. My toes were killing me after a day of riding. I spent hours in them around the house before going out. The 8.5’s were also too narrow for my size E width feet. The 9’s just barely fit and if I had size 9’s I would heat mold them and blow out the sides.

Flex/ Response/Flex Retention/Construction

ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Articulating CuffThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Backstay













They say the ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers is a 9 out of 10. It felt more like a 7 to me but I really appreciated that. It felt responsive but not twitchy and overpowering as a new boot. After 10-15 days I think they will feel great. You can tell by the construction that these will last a long time.

Adjustability/Heel Hold

I felt these held my heels really well but I have thicker heels that don’t need much. If you do you have 2 different thickness doughnut like inserts you can put in to tighten it up there.

Shock Absorption

There is really good shock absorption with the ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers. I felt the TM-3XD’s had less thickness in the sole but more resilience and spring.

On & Off

There was a lot of lacing happening with the ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers. I got the laces caught in the power straps a lot and they just stuck there like a fly on a fly trap. When you pulled them off they frayed a little bit.


ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers Sole







All rubber at the bottom of the ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers and no un-necessary disco splits happened in the hard snow I rode in.

Reduced Footprint

I wish I could have compared the size 9 ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers to the Size 9 Burton Kendo’s I normally ride. The 8.5 TM-2 XLT Digger (too small for me) was a little bigger than my Size 9 Burton Kendo’s (fit really well) so I think a 9 to 9 comparison wouldn’t go so well for the Diggers.


So overall, I think the ThirtyTwo TM-2 XLT Diggers might have some lacing issues and aren’t ideal for wider footed riders but they sure are a well made long lasting boot.

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