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ThirtyTwo Focus BOA Review And Buying Advice
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Lacing Type Double BOA
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Turn Initiation



True To Size

Boot Width


Comfort Great
Heel Hold Excellent
Adjustability Average
Reduced Footprint Good

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Flex Retention Average
Shock Absorption Good
Traction Good
On & Off Ease Great
Warmth Good

ThirtyTwo Focus BOA 2017 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

The Thirty Two Focus BOA has been around a while and it’s one of 32’s most popular boots, has a great rep for all mountain riding and it’s best for a medium to wide footed rider.  The Focus BOA isn’t the best when it comes to longevity but it holds up pretty well compared to other boots in the line and it’s also usually comfortable day one.

Days: 4
Riders: James, Peter
Bindings:  Burton Cartel, Burton Cartel Limited,Burton Genesis, Flux DS
Boards:  Jones Mountain Twin, Rossignol One MagtekNever Summer CobraLib Tech Lando Phoenix

Flex:  Feels pretty medium stiff when you start but it quickly goes to Medium after about 10 days on the boot.

Response:  Thirty Two isn’t known for uber response but the Focus BOA isn’t bad. It’s good for most mid range all mountain boards when it comes to turn initiation.

Comfort:   Thirty Two is usually first day comfort.  Many boots can take up to 10 full days of riding to break in but often on day one there are no pressure points and it’s pretty damn comfortable.  Neither of us felt these boots uncomfortable after the final twist of the BOA after our first lace up.

Heel Hold:  This focus BOA system actually focuses on your ankle and if you are one of those guys who’s paranoid about heel lift then you can crank both upper and lower around the the upper and lower part of your ankle to the point where it will be impossible to lift your heel even a millimeter if the boot fits you right.  I personally don’t care too much about heel lift as long as there is response but there are many who are the exact opposite of me.

Adjustability:  Upper and lower BOA’s share the ankle which sucks for some that want more separation but if you having your heel locked in is the first priority you won’t care about this.

Flex Retention:  Now there is a joke out there by many that Thirty Two stands for the day the boot will last. While it’s not a literal joke it does state one of the problems with their line of boots.  They are known to break down and pack out faster than some of their main competitors and this boot is no exception.  They have been better as of late but still don’t have the flex retention that we’d prefer.  It can still get you through a 70-80 day season without completely giving up.

Shock Absorption:  Really nice upper tier shock absorption that can make your ride feel like a pillow if you have a cushy binding and can also make the ride better if you have a binding with little padding.

Traction:  Now this is one of the only boots left in Thirty Two’s line that still has rubber on the bottom which makes for much better traction and a much longer lasting sole than the Single Mold EVA insoles Thirty Two is mainly doing these days.  I hope this never changes.

Footprint: Thirty Two got with the program and the boot on the outside for most sizes is 1/2 size smaller than the older boots you rode in the past or those that never got with the reduction program. It makes it easier to ride smaller waist boards and fit into those border size bindings. It’s better to go with something very reduced if you are truly on the border but this isn’t bad if let’s say you are a size 10 and just want to fit better into a size medium binding.

On & Off Ease: BOA can be super easy on but other times take a real long time if you don’t know how to dial to comfort. I’ve seen BOA users take longer than traditional lace to get them on but still feel like they are going faster because they are twisting a dial.  It’s much more easy than traditional lace but it’s not always faster.  Taking them off is super quick.  You just pop them and they are off.

So all in all the Thirty Two Focus BOA is one of those boots that I often recommend to medium to wider footed riders.  It really all about comfort with these boots and that is one of the most important things when it comes to boots.

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ThirtyTwo Focus BOA Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Solid Boot

May 20, 2014 by Alan
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 40 

So I bought this boot because my Burton Ambush boots finally died when I was on the mountain recently. I would have to say that this is a really solid boot. It was the most comfortable Thirty Two boot they they had on the mountain and I like how I was able to get it snug because I'm usually against BOA. The one thing I would have to disagree with the review on here is that the BOA actually tightens in different areas of the foot. I looked at how it was tightening before I put on the boot and when it was actually on my foot. Response was very good, a lot quicker than the ambush which I could attribute to the stiffer boot. All in all I enjoyed this boot a lot and

4.0 4.0 1 1 So I bought this boot because my Burton Ambush boots finally died when I was on the mountain recently. I would have to say that this is a really solid boot. It was the most comfo ThirtyTwo Focus BOA Review And Buying Advice

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