• Solid Adjustability
  • Good Ankle Articulation
  • Reasonable Price For This Tech


  • Poor Traction except for the toes


The Nidecker Altai W has a great fit right out of the box, comes with decent heel hold and a nice responsive flex. It is a comfortable all mountain / freeride boot at a nice price range. The Eva foam outer sole provides good shock absorption, but not much traction.

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Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Lacing Type Double BOA
Manufactured in
Flex Retention Good
Shock Absorption Good
Traction Average
On & Off Ease Great
Warmth Good
Flex Medium/Stiff
Turn Initiation Medium/Fast
Sizing True To Size
Boot Width Medium
Comfort Great
Heel Hold Good
Adjustability Great
Reduced Footprint Great

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Nidecker Altai W 2023 Review by The Good Ride Review by The Good Ride

Boot side view

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average rider’s perspective.

Nidecker Altai W Boot: How It Rides And Who It Is For

How This Review Happened: 
Borrowed it and sent it back.

Size: Women’s 7.5
: 4
Conditions: Mid winter snow conditions, some ice, and hard pack as well as a little powder.
 Steph (5’3″, 108lbs, Women’s 7.5 boot)
Bindings: Union Legacy M, Rossignol Diva
Boards: Rossignol Diva

Women's size 7.5


The Nidecker Altai W has a true fit length wise and a normal fit width wise. The 8 degree ankle angle in the boot helps a lot with preventing heel lift, but if you aren’t used to the more aggressive forward lean it can cause some leg/foot fatigue.

flex from the side

Flex/Response & Flex Retention

The Altai W are rated as a 7/10 stiff flexing boot. But the ankle articulation keeps them from feeling too stiff. They have a good flex for all mountain riding and harder charging freeriding as well.

inner ankle harness

Adjustability/Heel Hold/On & Off

These boots are pretty simple to get on and off. The double BOA system makes it quick to loosen or tighten on the fly. The inner liner lacing is simple and quick to use as well.

I felt the Nidecker Altai W have decent heel hold even for my skinny ankles. They have an inner ankle harness that wraps around the inner liner and attaches to the shell of the boot. This helps keep everything in place as well.

on and off ease of use

Shock Absorption

All this soft EVA foam with rubber underneath the toes, gives the Nidecker Altai W a nice amount of shock absorption.

outer sole, traction


These boots have a medium amount of traction. 3/4 of the sole is EVA foam and there is one rubber patch under the toe box to help with traction. Adding a bit more rubber would be beneficial to the amount of traction the boot has to offer.


The Nidecker Altai W boots could fit well for an advanced intermediate to expert rider looking for a responsive, stiffer flexing boot that still offers a good amount of comfort and ankle/heel hold. They are easy on and off, and have some nice features, aside from being a bit slick when walking in icy or hard-pack snow conditions.


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Nidecker Altai W Specs

Nidecker Altai W Images

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