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K2 Gague 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The K2 Gague is a slightly softer mix up from the very popular Maysis boot in K2’s line at a little better price point.  It offers a speed lace on the interior and a BOA for the exterior. They don’t really have a reduced footprint and run a bit on the bulky side but other than that they are good boots.

Flex:  A little softer than the Maysis and makes for a little more freedom of movement.

Comfort:   K2 is just comfortable and we haven’t been in a K2 boot that isn’t.  Every foot is different but the cush interior makes most feet happy.

Heel Hold:  This doesn’t lock in your ankle/heel in as well as the Maysis because of the speed lace but the BOA on the outside still really does a good job making it close to excellent.

Adjustability:  No real adjustability here.  It’s pretty quick and easy but you can’t make the lower and upper different.

Flex Retention:  K2 makes pretty long lasting boots and this has the high end endo tech that keeps the boot’s flex going for a ling time. You can get 100 days no problem with this.

Response:  Not bad edge to edge and the K2 Gauge can work with a wide variety of boards.

Traction:  Solid Traction and it’s good keeping you standing from an icy parking lot to walking over cold rocks on a peak.

Shock Absorption: Nice shock absorption too.  You can keep your legs going for a long time.

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