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Forum Forumula 2013 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Forum Forumula is in some ways a reincarnation of the old Stunner boot but in many ways it isn’t. This is Forum’s high end boot with their leading tech. The 2012 Forumula has added a reduced footprint that makes the boot a size smaller on the outside so if you are a size 11 boot you still buy a size 11 but it will be more like a 10 on the outside. You will now be able to fit into a smaller binding and board.  This is great tech. The Forumula has a traditional lace set up that’s nice to see at a higher end boot and the shell has some pretty interesting freestyle tech that allows the boot to flex differently when leaning in different directions. If you are a freestyle rider you will really appreciate this asymmetrical flex but if you mainly ride mostly mountain and focus on edge to edge transitioning it will be hit or miss. The liner also has a little extra up at the top so you have a little more leverage on the inner side to help you better flex the board in the park.  So if you want a little more of a freestyle flex advantage in a mid flexing boot you could be pretty happy with the unique flex and tech that Forum has with the Forumula. There were a lot of changes in 2012 but the 2013 Forum Forumula changed the tounge a bit and it’s now really puffy in front. Some like it and some don’t but either boot has a great ride and works well with a wide range of bindings and boots.

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