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Burton Day Spa 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Day Spa is a good entry level plus boot that is good for those that like a forgiving ride and also ride with easier turning boards.

Flex:  Very middle ground flex that has a lot of freedom.

Comfort:   Burton makes very comfortable boots and although this isn’t their high end model it’s got a lot of comfort for this price range. It should be pretty good for most people and not cause pressure points.

Heel Hold:  Pretty good heel hold but it’s not going to compete with some double BOA or BOA boots. From what we have seen with most boots is it’s a battle between adjustability and heel hold in terms of design.

Adjustability:  Exceptional adjustability. The top and bottom are completely separate and the lacing is easy and quick.

Flex Retention: Burton has a pretty good flex retention even in the low to mid range models.

Response: Pretty mid level response that should work with moderate to easy flexing boards.  It’s responsive enough to help you get a board well from edge to edge but it’s also forgiving enough to help prevent you catching an edge.

Traction: Burton makes boots with rubber on the bottom over the EVA where some don’t do that. This makes for a good bit of traction and most Burton boots can do pretty well in an icy parking lot. This will do fine too.

Shock Absorption:  Lots of EVA foam throughout the boot so it will absorb a good bit of shock.

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