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Switchback Bindings 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Switchback Binding is a tough binding to review because it’s like Leggo’s for bindings. There isn’t one type of model but instead an interchangeable array of parts. This is our take but with what we got but we’d love to expand on this review and keep playing around with all the different options.

This video review sucks.  It was super windy and I didn’t have a way to filter it. Sorry! It taught me a lesson about wind and videos so hopefully the fix will work next time. We’ll try to get more experience with these to give you more feedback but our initial impression didn’t blow us away but wasn’t by any means bad.

Days:  3
RidersPeter, Jimbo
Boots: Burton SLXNike Lunarendor
Boards: Bataleon 5’2″ Crew and Bataleon Boss
Flex: There isn’t one set flex because you can choose numerous types.  However the ones we tried had a pretty middle ground flex.

Adjustability: Pretty normal adjustability that allows you to dial out the binding rather well.

Comfort: Jimbo and Peter loved the ankle strap but weren’t increadibly stoked on the toe strap’s fit and feel.

Turn Initiation: They turned the bataleon boards they were paired up with pretty well.  You know it’s nothing super responsive but it’s not dull edge to edge either. Turn initiation can very too depending on how you configure the binding.

Buttering: They didn’t have anything bad or exceptionally good to say about them.

Boot Support: The ankle strap pulled the boots well into the heel cup to give it a nice balance between support and  freedom of movement. However you won’t see a rating because you can change up the support you get around the boot by the high back or lack of high back you choose.

Ratchet System: No problems we encountered.  Not sticky but not super smooth either.  They just work.

Shock Absorption: We like the Urethane liner on the base plate and it seems middle ground when it comes to shock absorption.

So all in all It’s a pretty smart concept that we’d like to explore more of. Most binding manufacturers have interchangeable parts but never offer them so it’s about time someone offered them.

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