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Rome Shift 2014 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Rome Shift is a simple, soft, forgiving low cost binding that is a low end United. It’s nothing special but it gets the job done for anyone getting to know the world of snowboarding.

Days: 1
Boots: Burton Imperial
Boards: Jones Mountain Twin,

Flex: Nice med/soft flexing high back that has some tweakability and won’t make the ride twitchy.

Adjustability: Decent adjustability.  You can do a little to dial it out to fit around the boot you own.

Comfort: Not super comfortable but definitely not uncomfortable.

Heel-Toe Response: Like I said before there is a nice smooth response that isn’t twitchy so it’s good for a beginner who is prone to make mistakes when turning.  So nice forgiving response.

Tip-Tail Response: The base plate is dead underfoot but its got minimal contact where it’s dead so you can butter ok

Boot Support: The ankle strap is a little less cush and the long term reliability is a bit questionable.  It’s not that bad though.  However I’m not super into the toe straps Rome has lately.  They pinch the sides of the toe of my boots and

Ratchet System:

Shock Absorption: Not much going on here and it’s not s super damp ride.  Also

If you progress quickly then you will get tired of both of these bindngs.  If you only get up a few times and want to be free of the rental store the Rome Shift is also a good choice.

The 2010-2014 Rome United models haven’t changed much. The material in the ankle strap is always a little different but the base plate and high back has been pretty much the same.

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Riding Level

Beginner - Intermediate

Quick Release


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Canted Footbed


Burton Channel Compatible


Mini Disc


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Feels Normal



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Ratchet System


Shock Absorption