List Price US $399
NOW O-Drive 2015-2018 Snowboard Binding Review
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Quick Release No
Manufactured in China
Canted Footbed No
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
Approx. Weight Feels Normal

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Boot Support

Locked In

Turn Initiation




Binding Adjustability Average
Stance Adjustability Average
Comfort Good
Ratchet System Good
Shock Absorption Excellent

NOW O-Drive 2018 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The NOW O-Drive is the Drive with a little bit more mustard….in the form of lighter carbon  It’s got a little more snap out of the high back and a bit more response.  We found we like this binding best with the stiffest stoppers.

Days:  5
RidersJames, Peter, Zobel, Jimbo and our friend Ren
Boots: Burton Imperial, Burton Hail, Burton SLX
Boards: Jones Mountain TwinRossignol XV, Rossignol Krypto

Flex: Yeah this is stiff and snappy.

Adjustability: As said on the vid we are hoping that the production model has a high back that you can rotate and not an Allen Wrench for the high back. Turns out it doesn’t allow you to rotate it and it’s set at a unchangeable 10  degrees.

Comfort: The tight heel cup is hit or miss but everything else about the binding is comfortable from toe strap to the high back.

Turn Initiation: So with the stiffest stoppers on which make a lot of sense for a stiff binding, you get pretty good response.  The minimal contact with the board really helps the board turn edge to edge in a kind of unique way.  The softer stoppers slow the response.  For most people, all you will need is the stiff stoppers.

Buttering: With softer stoppers in you could put these bindings on a softer board and butter but with the stiffer stoppers it doesn’t butter as well.  The heel loop really locks you in so it feels awkward to butter.

Boot Support: The tight heel cup locks you in from the back and usually the ankle strap has the predominant grip. With the O-Drive you get a really locked in boot as well as reduced heel lift which bindings usually don’t really help you accomplish.  So that’s a perfect choice for someone who is constantly battling heel lift but if you have your boots dialed like we do then it can be a little uncomfortable at times.  I’d rather see a wider heel cup and then an attachment you put in that narrows the heel loop for no backing.

Ratchet System: Nothing noticeable that’s bad or good. It works.

Shock Absorption: One of the best qualities of all the NOW Bindings.  It’s got minimal contact with the board and rubber contact at all the corners.  On top of that is a soft cushy footbed across the whole binding that makes boards you ride better at busting chunder and more damp at speed.

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