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K2 Lien AT 2017 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The K2 Lien AT has got a lot of the personality of the Company plus a whole lot of new personality and tech on it’s own. It’s an all around better binding and I had a pretty short but good time on it.

Days:  2
Boots: Burton Hail
Boards: Jones Mountain Twin

Flex: Very mediumish flex. K2 is never too stiff with even their most responsive bindings and they still feel medium to bordering on medium/stiff.

Adjustability: K2 has really stepped up the adjustability game.  It’s so quick and easy to dial out a binding to your boot and riding style. It’s all tooless except for the discs.

Comfort: Very comfortable. I’m a big fan of canted bindings because they seem to relieve pressure in my hips. They also seem to relieve pressure on knees and ankles with some of my friends. One friend with a really jacked up knee doesn’t like any canted binding because it tweaks his knee out of place but from what I’ve seen he’s in the minority.

Turn Initiation: It’s pretty smooth edge to edge and it will turn most boards without much of a problem.

Buttering: This is a very easy binding to Butter and it’s right up there with the best of them.  The Mountain Twin I was on flexed just like it did with bindings like the Burton Genesis. I didn’t take off the bottom layer to expose the three tri pods either. The flex felt natural and easy underfoot when flexing the board from tip to tail. Along with the mini disc and the Tri-Pods there are not many places where there is a dead spot on the board.

Boot Support: The K2 Lien AT wraps around your boot and holds it in place really well.

Ratchet System: Very easy on and off.

Shock Absorption: These new bindings felt very cushy and although I didn’t have a flat landing it felt like it could handle one well.

All in all it’s a binding that I’d like to get to know better and spend a few days on it.

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