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K2 Kwicker BC 2015 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The K2 Kwicker BC binding is for those that want an easy in/out back country binding.  We weren’t fans of clicker bindings in the past and still aren’t fans of these new bindings but there is a group of people that do like these. We’d rather see you on normal boots with Spark or Karakorum bindings and if you email me I’ll try to talk you out of em.  They come with non-reduced footprint boots and they are big and bulky. You also sacrifice performance compared to most traditional strap backcountry bindings out there. It pains me to see K2 spend so much time and money on R&D to re-introduce this quick release binding system when they could be making their traditional strap bindings better. Yes it’s better than the old click binding system but it’s still not up to par with a normal boot and most traditional bindings.  To us a whole new boot/binding set up also adds a lot to the already expensive split board price for less performance. Also you are stuck with one option for boots.

So I guess the Kwicker BC is here if you need to have the quickest in and out in the Back Country when there is usually no hurry to get un-tracked powder by yourself or with a few of your friends.

I factor the Stark Boot (only option with Kwicker) into the rating system because it would be inapplicable without it.

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