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K2 Cinch CTC 2015 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The K2 Cinch CTC is another quick release binding by K2 targeted for the entry level rider. You basically take the K2 Sonic and turn it into a quick release. We’d like to see them play around more with response/flex under foot than ease of entry but many prefer this style of quick release. Also the base bottom tears up your snowboard top as it’s very hard plastic. You pay a lot extra for quick release/quick strap tech and if you want you could get the same performance from the K2 Sonic for $60 less.  Also we found that quick release with K2 as well as many of their competitors just don’t offer up the performance and support of traditional strap bindings. You loose a lot to get in and out of your K2 Cinch CTC bindings. For almost the same price you could get a K2 Formula or many of it’s competitors and have a much better binding. We say learn how to strap in standing up (doesn’t take long at all), take a few seconds longer and have a much better ride on the hill with traditional strap bindings.

The K2 Cinch CTC Hasn’t changed much over the years.

Flex: Mediumish high back.

Adjustability: It’s pretty easy to dial out getting this binding to fit around the boot. Also the quick strap tech does wrap well around your boot compared to other quick release bindings.

Comfort: It’s not terrible but the comfort is more at the level of an entry level side of the binding intead of the bordering on $200 side of the binding world.

Turn Initiation: Turns fine but feels old.

Buttering: Feels like a binding from the early 2000’s and it turns the board fine enough but it feels completely dead underfoot.  It’s a far cry from the tripod technology they introduced for 2015.

Boot Support: Holds the boots in place but it’s nothing special.

Ratchet System: There isn’t much needed when it comes to ratchets but once they are in place all you need is the quick release.  That works well enough and locks around your boots pretty well.

Shock Absorption: Almost none here. Feels hard and rough underfoot.

So let’s put it this way. Some love quick release and that is why this binding still exists.  If you are willing to pay extra in price and loss of performance the quick release works.

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