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Flux RL 2015 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Flux RL takes most of the tech from the DS30 and offers up a great binding at a very reasonable price. Since the DS30 is now the DS and has been upgraded they gave a good amount of the tech to the DL. This makes for a great binding at this price range. The only really difference is it’s missing the larger higher end ankle strap. To us it’s worth it to pay a little more for the DS but it’s still a good freestyle to all mountain freestyle binding.

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RidersJames, Peter

Flex: These bindings are bordering on soft and it’s pretty easy to bend it back at the top as well as twist.

Adjustability: Very adjustable and very easy to adjust.  The only thing you need a tool for is the disc.

Comfort: These ankle straps aren’t top notch in Flux’s line but they are pretty comfortable. The toe strap holds well over the toe without pressure points.

Heel-Toe Response: It’s sweet spot is soft to moderate flexing boards but it can handle a semi challenging board better than you would think. It’s very smoothly responsive and it feels pretty good edge to edge.

Tip-Tail Response: So the RL has pretty a pretty good ability to flex a board length wise for a binding without any reduced dead spot tech. The sides curve up and it does make for a better board flex but underfoot the whole binding has contact. Some how it still manages to overpower the board and make it flex pretty well.  It’s a different feeling than mini disc or Burton Re:Flex bindings but the result is pretty similar.

Boot Support: This borders on being locked in and it’s a really good at keeping your boot secure.  There is a little more freedom going on than your average Flux binding but it’s still pretty locked in.

Ratchet System: Great ratchet system and we haven’t really ever had issues with Flux Ratchets sticking.  These are great ratchets.

Shock Absorption: Just a little padding across the entire footbed so it’s not that shock absorbent. It’s damp on open mountain speeds but it’s not good on a hard landings. If you go over small bumps at slower speeds you feel it more than you would with other bindings that have a thick bed of EVA foam.

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