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Flow NX2-RS 2014 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Flow NX2 RS is back on top as one of the better quick release bindings.  It has all the new tech except for the old over the entire top of the foot pad.

The shock absorption and dampening of the new foot pad really improved.

The binding also has minimal contact as well as a new rocker tech that allows for better response with the board.

It’s nice to look at Flow’s bindings and be interested in what they are selling again.

Many feel that Quick Release isn’t that necessary but the NX2-RS has enough response and tech for a rider to buy this binding despite the quick release tech.

For us we just aren’t into the limited support that the uni body strap provides which keeps this binding from being recommendable.  It seems to lack the support, response and all around ride that many traditional strap bindings in this price range offer.

It is fast in and out though.  It’s barely faster than getting down on your knees to flip up the high back and it’s better to just learn to put normal strap bindings on standing up.  However it is faster than the aforementioned ways if you can learn to do it while riding off the chair. If you want similar but still not close support to a strap in binding then you have to take extra time and adjust the ratchets after your put in your boot so again there you aren’t getting them on any faster than a traditional strap.

So if you are ok sacrificing some performance to get quick release this could work for you.  We’d love to use quick release but not at the expense of response and support.

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