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Burton Stay Calm 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Stay Calm Re:Flex binding is pretty much the Cartel with the hammock from the Malavita which apparently cost $10 more to add. It also has a thicker and slightly different asymmetrical ankle strap.  We love the Cartel and so we love the Stay Calm to but it’s just didn’t feel much different than the Cartel. I would of liked to see some more noticeable additional variations to the design.  So if you want a Cartel with the Malavita Hammock on the high back here you go.

Days:  1
Riders: James, Peter and a few others.
Boots: Burton Imperial, Nike Lunarendore

Flex: very similar to the cartel.  The only difference is the grippy hammock in the high back where the boot joins.

Adjustability: The Stay Calm has the same great adjustability as the Cartel.  The only parts on the binding that require a tool is the high back rotation and the discs.

Comfort: Burton makes very comfortable bindings and the Stay Calm is no exception.

Turn Initiation: Felt just like the cartel and might even be a touch more mellow edge to edge.

Buttering: The Burton Stay Calm Re:Flex is the same to us as the cartel here.  It doesn’t have the super easy butter power the Malavita has but it’s still pretty easy to flex and play around with.

Boot Support: It holds the boot in pretty well with the hammock and asymm strap. It’s not super locked in but it’s pretty smooth edge to edge.

Ratchet System: The ratchets are the same as the Cartel and Malavita.  Very smooth and easy.  Some of the best in the business.

Shock Absorption: to us it felt pretty much like the Cartel here.

So all in all it’s nothing really new but it’s a nice mix up of the parts they have on other bindings. It’s a nice freestyle to all mountain binding for those that want a slightly tweaked Cartel.

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