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Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Quick Release No
Manufactured in China
Canted Footbed Yes
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
Approx. Weight Feels Light


Boot Support


Turn Initiation



Very Easy

Binding Adjustability Good
Stance Adjustability Excellent
Comfort Great
Ratchet System Excellent
Shock Absorption Good

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Burton Lexa EST 2023 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

Burton Lexa EST Women’s Binding Video And Written Review

The Burton Lexa EST is a Burton Channel System only binding so it only works with companies that licensed the channel tech from Burton or Burton boards. It’s usually a better idea to go with Re:Flex because it works with Burton Channel and regular 4 hole boards.   Let me say again that the Lexa EST is only for Burton Channel System Boards. It’s a good binding but we actually prefer the Re:Flex because of it’s board versatility, extra shock absorption and we also like how it integrates with the board a little better.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

The standout change for 2019 Burton Lexa EST is the toe strap and it fit’s soo much better around the boot

Days: 1
Riders: Steph
Vans Ferra
Board: Burton Story Board
Set Up
: 21.5” Centered 15 front -6 back

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Burton Lexa EST Past Reviews

The Burton Lexa EST is of course for only Burton boards and not a binding you can buy for any other board.  It just won’t fit so don’t commit to this binding unless you are committed to a Burton board for the life of the binding.

The 2014 Burton Lexa EST has one improvement over the 2013 model and that’s the larger slightly asymmetrical ankle strap. We’d like to see them introduce hinge tech as well but at least it’s a step forward.

Adjustability:  Like all Burton bindings the EST is very easy to get dialed out but our only complaint is not everything above the disc is toolless.  It would be nice to see tool-less screws for the high back rotation.

Comfort:  The Lexa EST is very comfortable.  Its straps have minimal pressure points and the whole of the binding seems to work with many types of boots very well.

Heel-Toe Response:  Pretty responsive and it does it in a very smooth way.

Tip-Tail Response:  This is going to make the board feel softer underfoot and make the Burton board you are riding easier to butter and just play around with.

Boot Support:  The Lexa finally got the trickle-down tech from the men’s side and has a larger ankle strap.  It offers more support than past years.

Ratchet System: Just like every high-end burton binding. Great to crank down and even better to un-strap.

Shock Absorption: Excellent shock absorption that reduces the pain you could feel on a flat landing or dealing with hard uneven terrain.  You could also buy a really thin footbed if you want a more skate-like feel but you won’t have the shock absorption you do now.

Burton Lexa EST Specs

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Burton Lexa EST User Reviews

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