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The Yakima Big Powderhound comes from a long line of good racks, still has the old traditional shape and it doesn’t disappoint. The only difference between the FatCat and the Powderhound Rack is that the FatCat has a more aerodynamic shape. It is only more aerodynamic when there are no snowboards mounted. I use to own these before I bought the Fat Cats and they always worked great.

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When the snowboards are on the aerodynamic advantage is negligible. Powderhound has many sizes. The Small Powderhound is one snowboard wide and can hold 2 snowboards stacked. The Small Powderhound can hold 2 snowboards wide and 4 stacked. If you are a gear whore or have lots of friends then the Big Powderhound is the way to go. If you run solo and only have one or 2 boards then the Poswerhound will work. We have found Yakima to be incredibly reliable and last for years on end. It’s hard to recommend another rack after using Yakima so long.

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Yakima Big Powder Hound Review And Buying Advice
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