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The Xion Protective Gear Short Sleeve Jacket is similar to the long sleeve jacket but it’s missing the elbow and bicep padding.  This has the same upgrades as the Long Sleeve that allows you to remove pads you might not want and a better all around look. It’s pretty expensive but it’s literally the best low profile option out there. Xion’s stunt padding works incredibly well as snowboard padding.

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So I’ve had a few hard spills with this jacket and I must say it’s one of the best pieces of gear I’ve owned in years. Today I fell at about 40 mph straight onto my lower back,  then the back part of my right shoulder and my head.  I got up my adrenaline running and normally the pain will start to set in in the following seconds. After a few minutes I actually started feeling better where normally I would start feeling worse.  After about 1/2 hour nothing really hurt. My back felt a little out of alignment but I kept riding and I’ll be riding the next day.  If I didn’t have this body armor on and a helmet I would not be writing this now but I would of had 2 percocets and be in bed.  I also probably wouldn’t be riding for at least a few days.

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Xion Protective Gear Short Sleeve Jacket Review And Buying Advice
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