UKPro Gorilla Big Gear Hanger 2018 - 2016 Review by The Good Ride

So I wish I had a hanger like this when I use to surf every day and it’s mainly for that.  However, it’s still very usable for snowboard jackets, pants n such as they can stress a hanger.  Not like a wetsuit can but I’ve ruined many a hanger with snowboard gear piled up on it.  What I like to do is hang up the helmet, Jacket, Pants and often other items on the hanger so it often dies a slow painful death. With this hanger, it won’t even be a problem to pile on 2 jackets, 2 pants, a helmet, some body armor and other things too.  If you surf in cold water this is a must.  If you snowboard or ski this isn’t 100% necessary but very helpful if you want to save space by hanging up multiple items on one hanger.

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UKPro Gorilla Big Gear Hanger Review
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