Uberleben Tindar Wick 2024 - 2023 Review by The Good Ride

Uberleben Tindar Wick Video and Written Review

This is a look at the Tindar Wick from Uberleben. A slow burning wick that makes lighting fires very easy.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average hiker’s perspective.

Uberleben Tindar Wick Shot

How This Review Happened:  We were sent this Tindar Wick from Uberleben to test out and review.

Testers: Steph

Days: 10+

Testing Environments: I tested this Tindar Wick while car camping, van life-ing, and backpacking. Also just randomly on day hikes throughout August. We had unusually humid weather for the Eastern Sierra this summer, so sometimes I was dealing with slightly damp kindling and wetter environments than normal.

Tindar Wick weight


The Tindar Wick weighs under 1 oz. (Not including the box it comes with)

The box adds very little weight, but it is nice to keep the wick clean and dry while in the pack.

Full Uberleben Set

Gear Tested With

Uberleben Hexa Fire Starter

Uberleben Stoker Flat Pack Stove

Lighting the stove with the tinder wickStoker stove with a view

Anodized Aluminum Sleeve

The Tindar Wick comes with an anodized aluminum sleeve that can double as a bellow for the fire and stays cool to the touch when the wick is burning. I mostly found it helpful to add structure to the wick when lighting the fire. It makes it so you can hold the wick at a bit of a distance and not burn the fingers while trying to light the kindling. The bellow is also helpful if needed to add extra oxygen to the fire, but the Stoker Stove burns so efficiently, that I didn’t really need to use it.

Tested with hexa fire starter

Lighting The Tindar Wick

I mostly used Uberleben’s Hexa Fire Starter to light the wick. It took about 3-4 strikes before the wick caught enough to create a flame. But it kind of depends on how much the end of the hemp rope is flared out. The more fibers you have at the end the easier it is to light. You could also use this wick with a normal lighter or match and it will work the same but a bit quicker for it to light if you are using an actual flame. It lit a lot faster than I was expecting it to.

Using The Tindar Wick

I mostly used this wick to light a fire in Uberleben’s Stoker Stove. But it could be used in many different ways as well. I really enjoyed using this wick to light up the fire. I found it very easy to use. It burned way slower than I was expecting. And is supposed to last up to 1hr (which is comparable to a normal size lighter). But I felt the Tindar Wick stayed lit in a breeze longer than a lighter would.


The Uberleben Tindar Wick delivered a consistant flame for lighting my stove and anything else I wanted to light on fire. I like that my hand doesn’t have to be inside the fire while getting the kindling to burn. It is very light and takes up almost no space. And even if you use a lighter normally it is a great thing to bring along as backup if needed.

Fire Shot

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