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The Superfeet RedHot Premium winter insoles are a snowboard/ski specific insole so it should do a decent job replacing your standard footbed. These are the most popular but are not necessarily the best. We have found Remind and Montrail and Shred Soles to have distinctive advantages over the Superfeet line. The biggest issue we have with the Superfeet is the lack of heel cushioning and inability to heat mold these to your feet. Superfeet makes good insoles and has the market cornered but are Superfeet the best insoles for snowboard boots out there? In our opinion no. Is Superfeet better than every stock snowboard boot insole? Hell Yeah!

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Foot-bed and Insole brake down:

Here is a quick break down for all you that don’t know, but you need to get an aftermarket footbed if you want a solid fit.  Many people think that custom insoles and foot-beds are for ski boots, well you are dead wrong.  Even if you are a beginner you need them, so that you get the right size boot and your feet stay happy.  Because if your feet hurt you are not going to be having any fun.

Why insoles and foot-beds are so important is because they support your foot effectively so that you can get in tight sized boot.  Most people start out buying snowboards boots like they buy their sneakers, a size bigger.  Well, this only makes your feet hurt because they are moving around so much that your feet become fatigued from grabbing.  Foot-beds and insoles are critical, for example, you might try on a size ten which you are, but the arch support is not high enough for then you will feel that you need a size bigger.  Since boot generally pack out anywhere from half size to full size so now you will have a 10.5 or 11.  If you used a foot-bed you could get into a 9.5 or ten that will be tight at first but into the season they will fit like a glove and give you the solid feeling you need to through the huge 540 switch or arch that turn even further then you ever thought.  Because we all had super huge and soft snowboard boots and that sucks and you can work it for a damn.

So the first thing is to go and try on your boots first and then buy online. Next is get in the smallest boot that is bearable with the help of a foot-bed or insole like Superfeet.  Best of all go to a shop that specializes in boot fitting and they will get you all dialed out.

Superfeet REDhot Insoles

Superfeet is some of the best selling insoles and foot-beds.  We are reviewing the Superfeet REDhot Insoles for snowboard and skiing.  They are designed with the same foot-bed tech that goes into all their other foot-beds but also has some more insulating so they keep your feet warmer.  Know these are a decent footbed for most Winter Environments there are some that are still going to have hot feet, in that case, stay with the regular Superfeet foot-bed.  If you have cold feet even California these are great.

Some of the features are anti-friction material on the top so your foot will stay happier and really helps on cutting back on blisters.  The nest is the plastic heel cup and arch support, where most insoles that come with boots have nothing more than material support which lasts generally a week or so.  Again if you have high arches and you don’t you support your foot will be a bigger size then they actually are.  Lastly, these make your feet happy and you will feel your feet less fatigued and that you can ride a little longer, and you can keep your boots on in the bar afterward without thinking about feet and ruining your game.

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