• Excellent Anti-Fogging
  • Removable Side Shields
  • Snowboard Goggle Like Strap
  • Photochromic for Low and Bright Light
  • Excellent Clarity In All Conditions


  • Photochromic Tints Too Much In Low Light
  • TPU Shields Make it Hard To Fold Up


The Smith Venture glasses come equipped with removable tech. TPU side shields, a nose bridge and an adjustable rear strap allow these glasses to go from full glacier glasses to a simple pair of sunglasses.

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In Depth Review of the Smith Venture Backcountry Sunglasses Review by The Good Ride

Smith Venture Backcountry and Casual Sunglasses Review

Smith Venture - how it was tested

Objective Review of the Smith Venture

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How This Review Happened:

Precious Good Ride dollars were spent buying and reviewing this, but I ended up keeping them as my uphill friends.

Days: 10+
Conditions: Everything from sunny, slushy spring days to some snowy days


Venture - On Biesty

The Smith Venture glasses fit my face very well. The frame is rounder than the others in the line. When they are fully broken down, I like the street-style look of these.


Smith Venture - on snow

The Venture shades come with multiple lens options. The Photochromic mirror lenses adjust to the amount of light exposure. These lenses range from 7-45% Visible Light Transmission. The other ChromaPop lenses allow 14-15% Visible Light Transmission.

I reviewed the Matte Moss glasses with the ChromaPop Polarized black lenses. These glasses allow 10% Visible Light Transmission. Of all the Smith Adventure glasses we reviewed, I think this lens was the clearest and kept what you’re looking at closest to the original color. That being said, this lens is darker than the others and is harder to see in low light. Also, having specific tint colors can aid in different settings, so depending on your sport, a red or blue tint, for example, might be best.

TPU Side Shields

Smith - TPU Side Shields

The TPU side shields are removable. They work great for blocking wind and sun. This glasses frame is rounder than the others in the Adventure line so the side shields block a little more peripheral vision, but it’s not enough to be a problem. I had no issues with my field of view while snowboarding in these.

Removable Nose Bridge

Smith Venture - Nose bridge

The removable nose bridge is easy to snap in and out of place. The silicone material does a great job of gripping your face. It also blocks the wind.


Smith Venture - Strap

These glasses come with a removable, adjustable mini snowboard goggle strap. It easily clips into the holes on the end of the glasses. When tightened, the strap holds the glasses on the face extremely well. The slight elasticity allows the glasses to fit your face snugly without being too tight.

Final Thoughts

The Smith Venture are very high quality. I love how they break down from full-on Adventure glasses into a nice piece of everyday style. These are the definition of “from the slopes to the streets” fashion.

Smith Venture Specs

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