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Smith Skullcandy Single Shot 2014 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Smith Skullcandy Single Shot is the least expensive way to listen to music with your helmet other than using headphones. It integrates well with your iPhone or Adroid phone very well.  You hit the button and it pauses so you can talk to people on the chair or Gondi.  You hit the button twice quickly it advances to the next song.  My only complaints are these.

1. You have to hide the button and push the connector inside the helmet when it’s snowing or raining because I found that it’s not really waterproof and it will short out the unit.

2. The clip never holds on to the straps of the helmet or really where every you attach it to.

3. My collar of my jacket can often turn off the song or dial down the volume and it can get frustrating.

It’s not a terrible unit and if you are careful you can get through a 100+ day season.  However it would be great if they created a wired version of the control unit on the Smith Bluetooth.  If they did that I would for sure buy it even if it was twice as much. It seems more water resistant/proof and also is so much more easy to control.  It also eliminates all the issues I mentioned above.

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