Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth Kit 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth Kit is a very expensive but well-designed accessory to fit most Smith Helmets.  So for the longest time, I always used the Skull Candy Single Shot and never even gave the Bluetooth Kit any thought.  Also, I wasn’t that into the look and design of the previous Bluetooth kit Smith put out.  But then Mary and Kristi got one and they love it. A light bulb went on and I bought one for every smith helmet I have.  I have to say the new design is very intuitive and just makes sense and I’m glad Kristi and Mary lit a fire under my ass.

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The single shot is cheap and an easy way to play music but the Bluetooth is much better because you can just take your helmet off without worrying about the cord connected to your phone but also this integrates perfectly with the straps you have on your ear pads. I’m constantly losing my single shot because the clip becomes unattached or the volume or mute is hit by the collar of the jacket.  This never happens with the Bluetooth Kit.  So to me, Mary and a new Good Rider Kristi the Bluetooth kit is really hands down the best option. I wish Smith and Skull Candy would at least introduce a corded unit that is exactly like the Bluetooth because it just fits and works so well on the helmet compared to the single shot.  Without Bluetooth, in there it would probably be a bit cheaper and it would really change up the way people can use their audio.

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Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth Kit Review And Buying Advice
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