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The Smith Code MIPS helmet boasts a simplistic low profile design, but is intricately designed with
high-end helmet technology aimed to protect your brain.

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How This Review Happened: Paige owns this helmet.

Riders: Paige

Size: L  59-63cm

Paige’s Perspective

Lets talk about MIPS technology. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.
Traditional helmets lack protection from rotational forces that can occur when we fall while riding or
skiing. MIPS was created to protect your head from these forces by placing a sliding layer between the
liner and shell of the helmet. This sliding layer is designed to reduce the impact of rotational forces that
occur during a fall by allowing the helmet to slide on the head into a more ideal position to decrease the
potential of brain injury.

The Code’s Aerocore Construction uses Koroyd, a honeycomb like material, which allows for increased
airflow throughout the helmet and increased absorption of impacts.

The Code is extremely lightweight, weighing in at approximately 15 ounces. Unlike other helmets on the
market, the Code didn’t make me feel like a bobble head as I rode around the mountain.

While ventilation system in the Code is subtle with only 4 external vents, it is extremely effective. Thanks
to the Airflow Climate Control, this helmet is breathable enough so your head isn’t soaked in sweat on
those springy days, but also keeps the cold out when things get blustery. So far I have not had my goggles
fog up when wearing the Code. The AirEvac ventilation technology redirects warm air away from your
goggles – keeping the goggle fog at bay so you can actually see where you are going.

I tried this helmet with the original Smith I/O goggles and the I/O MAG XL goggles – both fit seamlessly
underneath the brim of the helmet. Say goodbye to that dreadful gaper gap.

I have long curly hair that usually makes helmets sit cockeyed on my head after a few runs. The Code has
a BOA system that you can use to adjust the helmet to find your perfect fit. The Code stays in place,
staying level on my head and not sliding around throughout the day.

When I put the Smith Code MIPS helmet on I feel confident and ready to ride. It’s a great helmet for
anyone looking to slide around on snow in style.

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Smith Code MIPS 2021 Helmet Review
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