• Exceptional Field Of View
  • Exceptional Anti Fogging
  • Excellent Choice Of Lenses


  • Minimal Foam Around The Nose
  • Expensive


The Smith 4D Mag Goggle has an exceptionally wide and vertical field of view, excellent anti-fogging, easy lens changing, and excellent lens choices. The only goggle I like better is the 4D Low Bridge Fit.

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Smith 4D Mag Goggle Review- From Several Perspectives Review by The Good Ride

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Smith 4D Mag Review


Normally a goggle this big won’t fit me very well but it fit Peter and Nick just as well. Tim and Bernt (Web Team) felt the same. The only person it was small for was Davey but the sound didn’t come out well for his take in the review.  The nose bridge doesn’t have much foam, which was my only complaint. Recently Smith launched the 4D Mag Low Bridge fit that has more foam. I now own those, and they fit me much better. Peter and the others were fine with the regular fit, but I think I’m just on the border of being a low-nose bridge fit guy to where I like that better. The foam isn’t the best in the business. I’ll give that to Oakley, but the Smith 4D Mag isn’t bad.

Field Of View

The Smith 4D Mag field of view is exceptional. It is very wide, which is good, but that’s nothing new. Where this is unique is how well you can look down. I can see my zipper and upper backpack strap when driftboarding or Split Boarding, Nick can see his Joint, and Peter can see his Peter. So not only does it help with your field of view/make things safer on the mountain, but it also helps with seeing down when fumbling with yourself, your jacket, or other gear.

Lens Choices

I have tested almost every Smith Lens from the IO Mag and these have the Smith 4D Mag has the same lens colors. You have a lens for every condition and color preference. When chosen correctly for the conditions and your eye, the detail with all of these is exceptional. Most lenses let one color through, great lenses let 2 colors through, and Smith lets 3 colors through with Chromapop. That’s as far as I want to go with their Chromapop company regurge, but I’ll say that we all felt we could see much more detail with these lenses than any other. It also seems brighter than similarly rated VLT lenses that aren’t Chromapop.


I personally chose Smith Goggles a long time ago because of their Anti-Fogging. I think they are the best in the business. The Smith 4D Mag is even better than most Smith Goggles I’ve tried and is better than my IO Mags. I haven’t come close to fogging them up. Peter fogs up everything and he did not fog these up either.


So, the Smith 4D Mag was hard to remove after I tried them. The only goggle I like better is the Smith 4D Mag Low Bridge Fit.

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