RightOnTrek Vegan Shepherds Stew 2023 - 2022 Review by The Good Ride

RightOnTrek Vegan Shepherds Stew is a hearty meal full of potatoes, peas, mushrooms and other goodies that will definilty fill anyone up. It is simple to cook, takes 14oz of water, and is ready in 10 minutes.

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How This Review Happened: We were sent this meal to test out and review.

Testers: Steph

Weight: 4.5oz


One Person Serving – $7.99

Two Person Serving –  $13.99

Four Person Serving – $25.99

Taste: The taste of the Shepherds Stew was great. It was nicley seasoned, I could detect all the ingredients including the peas, mushrooms, and black pepper.

Re-hydrate Time: I cooked this meal at 7,000 ft. The cook time was accurate and it only took 10 minutes. Everything in the meal was re-hydrated fully.

Add-Ons: I really like that RightOnTrek includes options for add-ons to personalize the meal a bit more to your liking. Some of these are free, and some cost a little extra. The add-on options for the Vegan Shepherds Stew are: Tamari Soy Sauce, Cholula Hot Sauce, and an extra packet of Organic Olive Oil if you’d like one. The Soy and Hot Sauces are both free of charge, and the extra Olive Oil packet would be $0.75.


There aren’t very many tastey and healthy meals out there for vegans or vegetarians in the backcountry. This is a nice option, and a good change of pace from the go to rice dish that is normally always offered as the vegetarian dish in backpacking meals.

The Vegan Shepherds Stew has a lot of potatoes. I think personally, I would enjoy this meal accompanied by a side dish of something. It was very filling, and tasted great. I like that there is plenty of protein in the meal, and that it really does taste like a home cooked meal. There are a few extra steps involved with making this meal whe compared to the types of backcountry food that you just pour hot water into a bag and wait. But it is worth it.


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