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REI Basecamp 6 Tent-How it camps and who its for

The REI Basecamp 6 Tent doesn’t have as much functional interior space of the Kindom 6. It is however, warmer and has much better wind resistance. I used this tent a few more times after the vid review above and it keeps growing on me. We camped near Mt. Hood again and then Hells Canyon. It is a great tent for those that need more warmth and wind resistance. It worked great in light rain, temps down to the high 30’s and warmer nights in the 50’s to 60’s. Well…warm for where we camped. This is a great shoulder season camper.

Set Up: The REI Basecamp 6 Tent was super easy to set up. Everything is color coded and I didn’t even need instructions. The only mistake I made putting on the vestibules backwards. I suck at setting stuff up so this is really good for me. It only took 18 minutes including some break time to sip my drink and snack a little.

Construction: The poles aren’t super sturdy but there are many of them and the design is much more wind friendly than the much taller Kingdom 6. It feels well built and didn’t move in 10-20mph winds on another camp adventure. With other tall tents we could see them start to sway by that.

Warmth: With the REI Basecamp 6 Tent, the sleeping bags felt like their rating system. For example, a 40 degree rated sleeping bags felt like 40 degree bags for my wife and this is never the case. I run warm and they felt warmer. Now I’m not as worried as I used to be about my wife and son feeling cold. My daughter is warm like me but still we can bring less blankets too.

Ventilation: Not the best tent for really hot weather camping but the REI Basecamp 6 Tent can do pretty well if you take the top off. You still have a lot of privacy too as only the top is mesh. You can zip up the good sized mesh vents on both doors and also zip up the triangles on the bottom that allow side venting/air to rise from the bottom so it leaves the top.

Interior Space: The square shape inside doesn’t line up bags as easy as the Rectangular REI Kingdom 6 Tent or my Big Agnes Big House 6. Those do a much better job. Especially if the wife and I like to go for extra comfort and bring wider sleeping pads/bags. Still it is fine and with two doors it’s pretty easy to get in/out at night when others are sleeping. There is also still a little room for bags n such on the floor.

Interior Pockets: There are pockets everywhere they can place them and I love that about the REI Basecamp 6 Tent. I have never felt awkward reaching for keys, a flashlight etc. There was always one next to me wherever I slept.

So overall, The REI Basecamp 6 isn’t ideal for super cold or super hot camping but its a great tent for people that camp in mild to cooler climates like me. Keeping my family warm at night makes these trips soo much easier. Especially with a 5 and 7 year old in the mix.

REI Basecamp 6 Review
The REI Basecamp 6 set up near Hells Canyon Oregon

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REI Basecamp 6 Tent Review
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