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The Platypus Big Zip EVO 1.5 Liter reservoir is made to deliver more water per drink and comes with a leak proof shut off valve. The quick disconnect hose makes it easy to install in your backpack, and the wide mouth at the top of the reservoir makes refills mess free.

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How This Review Happened:  Steph owns this reservoir.

Testers: Steph

Weight: 5.6 oz 

Size: The Platypuz Big Zip EVO 1.5 Liter is 8.5 in wide and 13.0 in long. It is a little wider than some other reservoirs I checked out, but should fit in most packs just fine.

Functionality: The top of the bag is easy to open. You just slide off the plastic clip, and unzip the zip-lock type closure. There is a plastic grip at the top makes it easy to hold onto while filling. It comes with a detachable hose that is easy to detach by pressing a button. The spout comes with a shut off valve so your hose doesn’t leak while you are hiking or doing whatever it is you do. I didn’t have any issues with how the Big Zip EVO works. I was hydrated and happy on all the adventures I’ve taken this on so far.



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Platypus Big Zip EVO 2020 Review
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