Oneill Psycho One 3/2 Wetsuit 2020 Review by The Good Ride

The Oneill Psycho One 3/2 Wetsuit is something I own and have used consistently since this review. After about 20+ days of surfing it hasn’t shown any signs of wear. It has become my favorite wetsuit for those High 50 to low 60 degree water temp days. It has more range of movement than my older 2mm full suit and even my really old 1.5mm Jacket. TheTechno Butter 3 material throughout the wetsuit is a touch less stretchy than the TechnoButter 3X but it has more durability and better wind-proofing.

James’ Specs
5’10” 185 lbs
Chest: 44”
Arm Length (pit to wrist) 19.5”
Neck: 16″
Torso Length (collarbone to pant line) 23”
Shoulder Width 19” wide
Inseam 30”
Waist 32-33
Hips 40”
Upper Thigh 23.5”
Middle Thigh 21.5”
Calves 16.5”

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Oneill Psycho One 3/2 Wetsuit Backzip Review
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