Oneill Heat 3/2mm Backzip Wetsuit 2020 Review by The Good Ride

The Oneill Heat 3/2mm Backzip Wetsuit is a really flexible easy fitting mid tier suit for those that run a little thicker in the chest like this guy.

James’ Specs
5’10” 185 lbs
Chest: 44:”
Arm Length (pit to wrist) 19.5”
Neck: 16″
Torso Length (collarbone to pant line) 23”
Shoulder Width 19” wide
Inseam 30”
Waist 32-33
Hips 40”
Inseam 30”
Upper Thigh 23.5”
Middle Thigh 21.5”
Calves 16.5”

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We try to get as many images of the Oneill Heat 3/2mm Backzip Wetsuit, but forgive us if they're not all there.


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List Price US $299
Oneill Heat 3/2mm Backzip Wetsuit Review
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