Olympus TG-860 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Olympus TG-860 Waterproof Camera is very unique and because of that uniqueness I overlooked it’s mid range Video and Image quality.  It’s a good camera for those looking to have a point and shoot camera but also have it double as a decent action camera.

All these images are optimized and not in the original file size so they don’t slow down the page.

Here are some Images From the Olympus TG-860.  

P4140039-OptimizedP3270001-OptimizedTG 860 Pic-Optimized







TG-860 Mono

TG-860 Bacon

TG-860 Mtn


















So here are some pics from my Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Moment Wide Angle Lens in the first 2 and then without in the 3rd. 


20150327_065804-OptimizedS5 pic-Optimized








S5 Mono

S5 Bacon

S5 Mtn


















Here are some Images from the Sony DSC-HX50V which is a camera that costs about $70 more.

Sony HX50V MonoSony HX50V BaconSony HX50V Mtn
















As you can see there isn’t much difference between the S5 and TG-860 and I’d say the S5 is even a little better.  The Sony HX50V is noticeably better than both. I thought the TG-860 would be noticeably better than my S5 Camera Phone but I actually prefer the S5 pics better. I actually prefer the low light pics with the S5 over the TG-860 and the normal light pics are close.


Here are some vids from the TG-860 vs. the Samsung S5

I personally felt the S5 had a little better medium to low light performance.


So what it came down to for me was I needed 3 features that a Samsung S5 with a Moment Wide Angle Lens couldn’t provide.  

1. Good Wind Noise Reduction– The S5’s mono mic really is a wind magnet and the lightest breeze almost eliminates the ability to hear anyone speak. Even with a filter over it it’s still not very good.

2. Flip Screen– The S5 doesn’t have a flip screen so you can’t see what’s going on as you film.  You can use the 3mb front cam but it’s nothing close to the primary cam or the Tg-860’s cam.

3. Good Cold Weather Performance– There isn’t a cold weather rating for the S5 and it had issues in weather under 20 degrees F.

So all in all this isn’t a bad cam. If they upped the sensor quality this could be a really great camera. I wouldn’t object to them cancelling the TG-3 and just putting more tech into this and bump the price.

Olympus TG-860 Images

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