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The Triple Cheese Mac from Nutrient Survival is a creamy cheesy pasta dish that also delivers a complete list of vitamins, minerals, protein, omegas and fiber.

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Testers: Steph

Weight: It comes in a #10 can, so you can bring whatever amount you want with you on your adventure in whatever container you prefer. So the weight depends on the amount you bring.

Taste: The Triple Cheese Mac has more of a creamy taste than a cheesy taste. It is a little different than your normal mac-n-cheese flavors. It is a bit lighter too. I kind of like that, because then you can add your own personal flair to your dish if you want to spice it up a bit.

Re-hydrate Time: The directions say to re-hydrate for 5-7 minutes. Which is really fast for a pasta dish. I had it in a bigger pan and also the pan was cold, so it took a big longer for our mac to fully cook. But it still was pretty quick.

Overall: It’s cheesy, it’s creamy, and its full of a bunch of vitamins, minerals, protein, omegas and fiber. It has a somewhat mellow taste that isn’t overpowering that tastes good alone, or would be good to mix with your favorite mac-n-cheese add ins. I like that you can customize the amount you take with you because it comes in a big #10 can.

I like that Nutrient Survival focuses on having a complete nutrient based meal in all their products. They are the first dehydrated meal company that I have come across that does that. I know when I do longer backpacking trips that I would prefer to know I’m getting all the nutrients I need instead of just filling my stomach with food to be full. And their re-hydrate times are really fast compared to other dehydrated meals I’ve tried.

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Nutrient Survival Triple Cheese Mac 2020 Review
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