Neff Womens Digger Mitt 2019 - 2018 Review by The Good Ride

The Neff Womens Digger Mitt is a nicely priced insulated mitten with grip on the inner palm of the hand that gives you pretty good grip when grabbing the board and insulation throughout the while mitten with the majority on the outer part of the hand. The mitts come a little stiff when they are new but they relax a bit after some use. I wore these on some pretty cold days, I’d say they are medium warm on their own, but you throw a hand warmer in there on the frigid days and you should be good to go. They were also very waterproof, I didn’t have any problem with damp mitten on any of the long storm days.

Overall the Women’s Neff Digger Mitts would be a good low cost choice for someone that sees colder weather.

Steph’s Hand Specs

Size Tried Small

Index Finger to Wrist  7″

Knuckle Width 3″

4 Fingers Width 2 3/4″

Wrist Width 2 1/4″

Wrist Circumference 6 1/4″

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List Price US $45
Manufactured in

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