iStabilizer Monopod 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The iStabilizer Monopod is a very similar build to the Drift Monopod that doesn’t seem to be around anymore but twice the length.  This is great because you can extend this out 36 inches compared to 19″ with the Drift Monopod.  When this is extended all the way out it gets almost your whole body in the shot where as you can see in some of our other videos with the shorter Drift you only get about 1/2 of the body straight on. We had to get tricky with the angles to film everything.  With the iStabilizer, you don’t have to extend this thing all the way out either.  You can set it and lock it in place for just about any length inbetween11.25″-36″. The only drawback is it’s 11.5 inches when it’s retracted where the drift is 7.25 inches. That 4.25 extra inch makes it a little tougher to put this back in your jacket pocket and zip it entirely.  I’d like to see them make it shorter, a little wider, and add one extra pole inside  Still this is way better than a ski pole or some broom stick. What is best about this Monopod is it is very well built and very sturdy. It’s got a foam grip at the end which is perfect for snowboard gloves, the poles lock in place and the mount is very sturdy. It comes with an iPod mount but I just unscrewed it and now it will never be used with the monopod again. It might be a nice bonus for those that want to use it for your iPod as well but to me it’s another thing in my house I’m trying to find a use for because it’s an uncomfortable fit with my Samsung Galaxy. This is going to be our crews choice for on-snow filming next season.

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