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This Thai Curry from Good to Go is a spicy yellow curry that comes with coconut milk, a variety of veggies, jasmine rice and Thai chiles . It has a generous amount of food for being one serving size, and comes with a satisfying curry flavor.

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How This Review Happened: The company sent us samples to test out.

Testers: Steph

Weight: Single Serving – 3.4oz

Taste: This Thai Curry was very flavorful, but like all the food I’ve tried from Good to Go it wasn’t overpowering. I could still taste all the ingredients and it was nicely spiced with the Thai chiles as well. It was a little salty, and I personally kind of wanted it to be a tad bid creamier. But that’s just my personal preference.

Re-hydrate Time: Hydrate time was 20 minutes according to the directions. I was at 3,500 ft, so I let it re-hydrate for 20 minutes. A few of the veggies were still a bit hard or a little chewy. This could have been because I didn’t stir it well enough after putting the boiling water in. But it was mostly fully cooked.

Overall: If you like curry and a little spice, then maybe try the Thai Curry from Good to Go. I really liked the coconut milk mix that you add, and it was filling and had a very nice curry flavor.

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Good to Go Thai Curry 2020 Review
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