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This Chicken Pho from Good to Go is packed with flavor and has a very accurate taste to a legit Pho dish. For being just one serving, it is packed with protein (27g per serving) and has a generous serving size as well.

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How This Review Happened: The company sent us samples to test out.

Testers: Steph

Weight: Single Serving – 3.4oz

Taste: Maxi and I were both impressed by how this Chicken Pho tasted. It seems Good to Go really paid attention to detail with this dish. Down to the lime flavor packet you add in the end. It has a ton of shredded chicken and a lot of rice noodles in there as well. I don’t normally go for soup on the trail, but this was satisfying enough to make a great meal in the backcountry.

Re-hydrate Time: We let it sit for 10 min, and we should have let it sit for longer (we were at around 7,500 ft). But I forgot about the added elevation, and Maxi was starving so we only did 10 min. The rice noodles weren’t fully re-hydrated but they were soft enough to still enjoy. Everything else was fully cooked.

Overall: The Good to Go Chicken Pho is a great option if you enjoy a good bowl of Pho. It was delicious and filling, and had plenty of protein to fuel your day.

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Good to Go Chicken Pho 2020 Review
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