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Giro Nine-10 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Giro Nine-10 starts out with a common design and tweaks it a little to be it’s own mid level helmet. The Giro Nine-10 doesn’t use plugs but instead has foldable flaps on the inside of the helmet to regulate heat. You fold it to your ears and it open ups the vents.  It’s better than the old plugs helmets in this price range have and it’s probably cheaper to make too but it’s still not as good as helmets that have sliding vents that can be regulated without taking the helmet off.  That can still be a pain in the ass. The Nine-10 has a goggle vent too but it’s not as well designed as Smith’s goggle venting version.  All in all it does it’s job well and protects you if you fall at this price point and doesn’t look bad.

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