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A lightweight backpacking chair that is designed to work with trekking poles. This chair is high backed for optimal comfort, and has plenty of stability and room to accommodate a wide variety of different sized hikers. The Trekchair’s size and weight is competitive to other backpacking chairs on the market. If not lighter and more roomy than a lot of other backpacking chairs out there.

We tested the Get Out Gear Trekchair with their Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles that were specially designed to integrate into this chair. But also stand on their own as quality, lightweight trekking poles.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average camper’s perspective.

How This Review Happened:  We borrowed this for an extended demo.

Testers: Steph

Packed Weight

1.4 lbs (not including trekking poles)

Packed Dimensions Of Chair

14.75″ L x 3.75″ H

Set Up Chair Dimensions

23″ Wide x 37″ Tall

Seat of the chair is 11″ Tall

Weight Capacity

The Trekchair can support up to 265 lbs. And it is even comfortable to sit for all shapes and sizes of people. We had everyone from 100 lbs to 270 lbs try the chair out. And everyone found the Trekchair to be comfortable and functional.

Everyone that sat in the chair was encouraged to rock around in it and test the stability of the chair. It held up to even the heaviest of people we put in it.

Set Up

Set up is very simple. The chair base practically sets itself up. The poles of the chair base fall into place easily once you unfold everything.

The most difficult part is getting the tops of the trekking poles into the pockets at the top of the chair. Pushing the poles to the end of the pockets takes a little bit of effort. Then you just adjust the back height to fit the correct weight and height of the person using the chair.


Tear down is quite simple as well. Let out the tension of the trekking poles by releasing the flip locks on the poles. Once there is enough slack on the back of the chair, it is easy to take the fabric part of the chair off the poles and the base support.

Once the chair is all broken down, you just roll the chair base into the chair fabric, and slip it into the carrying case.

High Back Design

The high back on the chair is what helps the Trekchair to stand out against other backpacking chairs on the market. It is taller than most, and has a lighter pack weight than most.

For me, the back of the chair reaches well above my head. I am 5′ 3″. So really, I could probably get away with a mid-back chair and be good. But this chair is great because it can accommodate taller hikers and offer them comfort on the trail. Most other lightweight chairs are more of a minimalistic design and sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort when using them.

I also like that the chair design allows for people with wider shoulders. The shape of the back of the chair makes it compatible with a lot of different body types. On the other end of that, being a smaller person, I liked the narrow back to the chair. Sometimes wider backed chairs almost press my shoulders inward because the back collapses in when I’m sitting in the chair. That didn’t happen with the Trekchair at all.

Adjustable Chair Tension

The chair tension can be adjusted by extending or collapsing the trekking poles. This allows for heavier hikers to add more support. This also changes the angle of the chair’s back. So if you want to relax and look at the starts, you can take the tension out. If you want to sit up to eat dinner you can add tension. Just be aware, that if you allow the chair to have too much slack, you will end up sitting onto of the cross beam in the base of the chair.


I’m an avid hiker/backpacker and I use trekking poles on almost all my excursions. So I’m a big fan of being able to use the poles I carry everywhere to help create a comfortable seat after a long day’s hike. I’m also not someone to pack that many luxury items on backpacking trips. I’m pretty minimalistic when I pack. But this chair is a great trade off. I feel that I would be stoked to carry it with me on 2-4 day backpacking trips. Or day hikes for sure. I think on longer trips, I would want to save weight and space in my pack for the added food I’ll bring along. But the Trekchair would be an awesome addition to any of my 2-4 day trips.

Integrated Trekking Poles

It makes total sense for hikers out there that use trekking poles. And the best part is, you could potentially use the chair with the poles you already have. This makes the chair cheaper as well. But you can also purchase the extra strong carbon fiber poles that Get Out Gear engendered to work with the chair. These poles are made with extra thick carbon fiber to make sure they are nice and strong to work with the support of the chair’s back.


The Get Out Gear Trekchair is a very cleverly designed backpacking chair. It would work great for those hikers/backpackers out there that use trekking poles when they hike. It makes total sense to use equipment you already have to help cut the weight of the chair. We found the Trekchair to be very comfortable. It is also quick to set up and pack away.

This chair comes with a competitive price. And is lighter than most backpacking chairs out there, while at the same time offering a lot of comfort.

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