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The Footprint Insole Technology Kingfoam 7mm insole is their lower priced entry level insole that isn’t heat moldable/customizable but man is it a great plug and play insole for the price. I personally think the Gamechanger or Gamechanger Lite is a better Snowboard boot insert but this can definitely work too. I often put these in my casual shoes at home and once your foot heats them up a bit they really mold to your feet. It’s one of the most comfortable inserts I’ve ever been in at this price point.

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Footprint Kingfoam 7mm Past Reviews

The Footprint Insole Technology Kingfoam 7mm are a little different than the Gamechangers that we love. They arrive completely flat and also seem to have a more porous foam.

I personally feel like there is more going on shock absorption wise with the Gamechangers but these seem to have a lower profile. The one thing I’ve noticed is as your boot heats up from riding the foam get’s softer and provides a really good fit to the bottom of your foot and it feels very comfortable. When you first put it on it’s hard but after a little time it warms up and becomes a nice insole.

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Footprint Kingfoam 7mm Insole Review And Buying Advice
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